Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Make Music and Collabo

The things that can keep you with your face in your IPhone all day.
An idea popped into my mind to makeup a song and sing it today. Unfortunately, my equipment has not been working properly with my computer lately. Still I had another idea. 
I decided to turn my computer on anyway so I could play one of the many tracks my boy Armand Collins gave me to use for music, played it and recorded an entire song on the voice memo app on my Iphone.
I was surprised that it came out with such clarity, but it did.
It took me a few hours to complete it doing the hook, verses, background vocals and change. I also wanted to do a video to use this song as somewhat of a promotional/commercial; and so with my Iphone, I used the forward facing video camera and did several takes to come up with something I thought was okay.
Not bad for a rookie I must say.  I can only imagine what it would have came out like with standard musical and video recording equipment. But this only makes what is said about the Iphone even more true; you can literally spend your entire day on it.
I’m not one for sitting on the phone talking, but I do enjoy texting. Then, the facebook and twitter apps are on there and I get curious every once in a while to visit.

I play a few games like words with friends and angry birds on there and yes, they can get addictive. But now, something new that will keep me even more occupied on it. I can create songs on my Iphone just with the voice memo. It isn’t protools but it can sure get an idea down if you really wanted to.  I like that.
Here is the song I created. It is about musical collaborations. Check out the song and promotional video/commercial and tell me what you think. It’s called Let’s Make Music and Collabo.

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