Saturday, July 7, 2012

PoetryCorner: The Melody of Heart's Tune

The Melody of Heart's Tune

He played me like a fiddle

and on my puppet strings

used an arrow of Cupid's

to tune the melody of love.

We danced to the rhythm

of never been kissed

with my arms wide opened

and our eyes locked in glance.

As he touched me with his gaze

he built a memory in my mind

that plays on like a movie

in wide screen and in black and white.

He is there in the dusk and the dawn

I see his smile and through the day

though I'm awake and in the midst of others

I remember him and the melody he played.

And his voice like church bells ring

with a bass I can feel from crown to stiletto

seperated by land, sea, mass and sky

It's been almost a year now and I still feel his glow.

Sometimes I want to call out his name

or text a book of secrets to his phone

and others he is just there in my mind

and I sit and imagine while I'm all alone.

Crazy how one moment can change your whole life

and beautiful how the sun rises up into the sky

and sexy is the stringed tune that moved my heart then

and how I still hope to see his smile.

We danced to the tune of never been kissed

and felt so new and gained interest

in the beauty of his character and his musical love

as he played my strings with his impressive touch.

And I felt it, love like never before

For what if and what more if let into my door

because from across the room it was just a gaze

Vision never seemed to exist til I wanted to know his name.

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