Monday, July 9, 2012

PoetryCorner: What a Way to Make Someone Feel the Blues

What a Way to Make
Someone Feel the Blues

How do you think I felt
hearing you lash out your tongue at me
telling me all the things I didn’t want to hear
and sending me off to the edge of the world?

I thought of you as one with a no frill attitude;
from the ground up powered up for the long stretch
and made me believe that we were made for music
by fashioning smiles from the way you showed respect.
And so I put my trust in you and my voice come alive
as together we moved forward in a systematic way
stacking up our talents in musical harmony
working endless nights until the sun would brighten the sky.
Who would have thought

there could have been a hidden agenda?
I realize it now that in everything there’s a lesson learned
because in the blink of an eye

I found reason to be concerned
when all of a sudden the tables were turned.   

I wished upon a star one day for a ladder up to heaven
where I’d find the sweetest smiles of musical essence
and there I’d stand before a mic of gold on REMs stage
in the new chapter of this lifelong book and on a new page.
And then I met you and from the point of contact
you made it seem as if you were all about that
and music was our business and we were on this journey
and you made it seem like that was why

you wanted to work with me.
And then I realized there was always something else
and you gave me reasons to start doubting in myself
We had a musical relationship and I was good with that.
What a way to end a good thing

and the blues in my life attract.
and what a way to come to terms that this was all a game.

I realized it when you cursed me out

and called me out my name.
How do you think I felt not ready for nothing new
when the only thing my heart feels for

right now is making tunes
and when creating sounds of music

is what we were meant to do as two
what a way to make someone feel the blues.

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