Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stained By My Lipstick (Original)

Sunday morning classics are those songs that you hear on Sunday morning that tend to be so relaxing and rejuvenating, it kind of enhances your weekend just a little bit.
You know the types of songs I am speaking of? They are those classics that you haven’t heard in so long that when you hear them, it is just like a song that you are so happy to hear that you must burst out, “Oh, that’s my record.”
To describe a person as a Sunday morning classic would be like saying that he or she is chivalrous, beautiful and respectable.  There is something about that person that you have yet to find in someone else.  They are unique and it leaves you intrigued; so intrigued that it makes you want to write a song.
That’s the way I felt when I met him. Music was his name and sounding off was his game. He was pure elegance and something about the way he stood there in the light made me want to know all about his oscillations and wave lengths.   It started out as a poem and later was transformed into a song; a love song dedicated to love.
I am on this real music kick this week. I think it started at an open mic where I discovered more and more that I want to sing my originals more and more. And so, this is how this post came about. I am in the mood to do my original music because I am a songwriter and an original artist as well.

This song in particular is one of my favorites. "Stained by My Lipstick" is the name with lyrics written by me, Stephanie Jeannot and music created by Derrick "D-Rod" Smith.

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