Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Morning Boost that's Caffeine Free

So I found out that I really can do without the coffee boost. 

It has been about nine days without coffee and after all the headaches and achiness I felt as I craved it, today brought the reality that there are other things that can give me that rush of adrenaline.; like a morning workout.

Okay, I won’t say that I am the biggest workout person out there. I do however get the occasional desire to do something for myself that will benefit my life.  Working out was that additive. And so, this morning, I joined a new gym. Little did I know the type of evaluation I would be given way too early in the morning to be doing anything other than putting the alarm clock back on sleep, so I could do just that for ten more minutes.

But I have to say, the things the trainers had me do were so intense, that I felt the energy just stimulate my entire body for the duration of the day.  We did some step aerobics.  I have done that type of workout before, so was already familiar with the exercise.  Little did I know that the trainer would add about five risers which brought the step almost taller than me. It was like jumping from the first step to the fourth on the stairway to the stars. But I did it as well as other aerobics and toning exercises.  I was even inspired to come back in the evening to take a zumba class.

I wasn’t even tempted today for a cup of delicious dark roast coffee, didn’t get that headache I was getting days before and felt great. A cup of morning cardiovascular is a good substitute. I would even suggest it to others who are interested in doing workouts with benefits.  A morning one is excellent. I’m  not saying that I will make it a daily routine, but I think it is a good way to start the morning off, so I might try to do it more often.  Nonetheless, I am doing something that is good for the mind, heart and body.  To want to is the first step. To try is going the long run. To do it is victory.  I’m on my way; I think.


  1. I am really going to try to get into some cardio workout I will enjoy. I've been a few days without my beloved coffee and these headaches and cravings are getting to me. I drank a coke soda the other day and I haven't drank soda in years! I need some discipline and I think a great morning workout just may do the trick.

    Thanks for sharing this =)

    1. It really helps. This is my eleventh day with no coffee and yes it is hard. I used t smoke and quit cold turkey and that wasn't as hard as giving up coffee. So weird. SMH!!! Thanks for reading my post Miss Dre and good luck with your quitting of coffee. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I am trying and I see results so that is a good thing.