Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding Me!

We are just about past hump day and I have to say in only four days of the week, I have found things in this life that have truly upgraded my feelings about the true meaning of happiness; Finding me!

1.       I’ve discovered that I truly love to exercise. I actually enjoy going to the gym and getting all sweatied up. It changes my mood and makes me feel great. 
       Just think, a couple of months ago, I was not mentally prepared to get up out of my laziness, and go into the ME zone to do pushups or to get on the elliptical machine for twenty minutes. Who would have thought I'd be the one to actually want to do a pushup?  I think that you truly do not know yourself until you make an effort to change your life towards what makes your insides smile. I think I achieved that.


2.      I found a new drink. Sambazon Acai With Blueberry and Pomegranate.  For a 10.5 fl oz bottle of 100% juice,  I got a lot.
       I got 100% of the daily value of vitamin C. I got 25 mg of Omega 3s.  It had a sweet, refreshing taste that went down smooth, had no aftertaste and only contained 130 calories. It tastes good to me especially since I love pomegranate. I am one of the lovers of this fruit who will take the time seed by seed to have some.  This drink is a great alternative because you can actually taste the combinaiton of the fruits. I am not much of a juice drinker. I mostly drink water and tea nowadays, but a drink like this is excellent. Any gluten free and vegan free juice that can quench my thirst is worth trying again. This one I would even recommend.


3.       I love to cook. I have never found so many different recipe ideas to make until I gave up eating meat.
       I come up with new concepts every day to try to keep my vegetables interesting because I also gave up rice, pasta and bread.  Don’t get me wrong. I could have my veggies plain with no problem. I didn't realize how much I really like vegetables until now.

      But the last time I tried a diet of this sort, I was back eating more meat than prior to it, and gained all my weight back. I do substitute meat with beans often. Have you ever tried Honey barbecue baked lima beans with broccoli and yams? Very good flavor and a dish I discovered is really great. You should try it. J


4.       I like showers but I love baths. I didn’t realize how much I love them until I started finding myself on my knees scrubbing the tub to take a bath every day. 
       It is so worth the filling up the tub with hot water and bubble bath to soak the aches away and meditate for a little while by yourself. Sometimes this is the only peace away from everyone and everything, but I have found that it works with my spirit and I love it. Especially when I treat myself to roses and add them to it. Flowers are great for the skin and for my mood. Even looking at the beauty of God's hands makes me smile. A place as beautiful as the one in this picture makes me feel like singing a ballad because I also love to sing; a lot.  

5.       Yoga is a great way to stretch out those muscles that we use and abuse every day. Sometimes we neglect them and then find ourselves in pain. But yoga helps to loosen the tension and brings relief to those areas that can tend to bunch up; like thoughts. Yoga and deep meditation has helped me to assemble words I never thought I'd say and instead of simply thinking about things, saying it and letting it mean something and it has brought inner peace that is so deserving. 

       I also found joy on the medicine ball after I found out it could work wonders for my lower back.  We sit all day long at work and often wrong when we lag back in our driver’s seats trying to get comfortable. But yoga works more than the muscles. It aims at relaxation and tension in the mind.  It is a very stilling practice and I love it.


6.       I was looking for a new pink lipstick and I found one. It actually looked pretty nice on me.
       It came in a makeup bag set from Red Door and also came with one of my favorite perfumes, Red Door, and a mirror that is just perfect for my purse. Funny thing. I had been looking for a new fragrance not realizing how much Red Door parfum really agrees with me. Such a great scent.
      The bag is pretty nice too. I actually use this bag as an after workout refresher bag. It is really helpful and I love it. But I can also use it is a evening bag. All I know is that it fits well in my pocketbook which is fabulous.


7.       I didn’t realize how much I really love to dance until I started taking Zumba. I think I love to sing and to dance equally. Zumba is such a great class. You move your body to the music like you would at a club but you sweat as if you were running a mile on a treadmill. I used to think I was a great dancer until I walked into this intense class. And boy do we glide across the floor. I think I run to take these classes. I guess you have to have some concept for dancing to be able to flow well in it.  I think I did.  Watch this video and tell me what you think?


I believe happiness is knowing who you are and simply doing the simple things that can enhance your mood and bring joy. That's the happiness that matters the most. 

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