Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Poem: As Beautiful As a Vacation in the Tropics

Thoughts of you are as beautiful as a vacation in the tropics

Laying there in the sand with a cocktail mix
As refreshing as the gush of eau from the waterfalls of Haiti
You’re the only one I know that can get me into thinking like this
Like wanting to dance in the rains of the Caribbean summer nights
Or wake up to the site of your eyes by my side as my morning light
I imagine it and the thought of your warm, crisp air upon me simply bites
Thoughts of you flow freely like wind to a kite
You’re the only one that makes me feel more peaceful than the sweet flowing sea
A bathing suit and some sun tan lotion and I'm set to be sun kissed
makes me want to run to the shore, soak until it’s warm enough to swim in it
I’m blown away by the glam of your kisses
A rose petal and bubbles in the water streams in innocence
A late night workout together as one intertwined
Then sit on the booze cruise sipping on Sangria and Miami Vice
I wish upon a star for a taste of your glitz
And why, because you remain forever in my bits
Oh how I wish I held the requirements to enlist
You steal the show each time, how can I resist
I want to march to the beat of your heart after a morning run in the sand
Dance the night away to the sounds of a tin pan band
I think it’s just that perhaps I’m ready to vacate and
walk through a midsummer night dream under the red sky, hand-in-hand
Somehow, you never left my spirit and still I sit in awesome wonder
I still imagine you tattooed to my birthday suit like henna
I wish I could sit in the midst of your lovely sun and bake to crisp
Thoughts of you are as passionate as a vacation in the tropics

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