Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Poem: My GPS Got Me Lost Again

My GPS got me lost again
I ended up in a foreign land
Nowhere close to where I should have been
Map quest brought me back to earth again
I can claim that I left it for a little while
I drifted away to a place that’s unfiled
That you can’t reach on your rotary dial
Just know that from here it’s a million miles
On the road again I started
To the destination I aimed from when departed
Cruising all along whole hearted
I sped like an airplane about to ascend from the tarmac
There’s something about driving on an empty road
Where you are just free to cruise the zone
Because no cars ahead to break your flow
Except those cops hiding wanting to make you ticket hold
So it was me on the road in the middle of the night
My eyes barely open and so to faith I held on tight
Hoping that I’d make it without falling out of light
Hoping this wouldn’t be the day I’d spirit rise
Then it happened without indication of change
I found out my eyes closed when my car drifted lanes
From the express side of highway to the local exchange
Thank God I was on the road without another to trace
That moment in time had me shook
There was nothing to keep me awake that was written in a book
Nor was there a solution I could find on twitter or facebook
Just a car on the road being driven by a rook
That could've been the night I might've met my last breath
I can say I regret nothing in life but am not ready for death
Because I have so much to live for and so much interest
In doing exactly what from heaven I was sent

And so I cried and prayed the rest of the ride home
It was me in the car by myself but no I wasn’t alone
For God saw me through the auto zone
I knew his shadow covered me all along
So how can I doubt in his love for me
Because I lived it and have this true testimony
All I know is I'm still here and that I believe
That he kept me to do and be a better version of me
I did get my ticket though for being just that
The cop was hidden in a corner while I was speeding down my path
75 in a 50, he said while at my exit, so mad
No regrets but a freakin' expensive ass ticket! Dag!!!


  1. Gotta stay alert on the road girl! If you feel the least bit tired, don't drive!

    1. Yes I know. That was the most dangerous and scary thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I know better now.