Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poem: Shadow Dancing in my Spirit

I see you shadow dancing in my spirit
when the Brooklyn moon is shining dark streets
brought to life by the sparkling star shine
where night carpet rides way up high
on which dreamers dance until morning time
the missing puzzle pieces of their slice of life

I slumbered as gently as untampered snow on a car top
Same old melody that continues to bop
I can face the truth; my life as naked as a politician
Skinny in the Sea of Galilee dipping
No secrets; as loud as whispered ballads climaxed in the frame
You remain in the tight crevices of my drum beat pattern playing

Dreamers cite the melodies of song, lyrically posing on tracks
Carry on their daily life snoring ringtones of possibilities in stacks
I was caught off guard on the eight in target when you gravitated to me
I’m in the Dead Sea deep down under unable to hide the blush on my cheeks
Just sit back and meditate is what he said when the breath of love was last
Walking on clouds into the miracles of heaven interrupted by the sound of brass

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