Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Genre Battle

There are people who will tell you that if you sing, you ought to choose a genre.
 In otherwise, if you sing R&B, you can’t be a Gospel singer.  But I always wonder about that. I hear R&B artists add Gospel songs to their albums all the time. I write songs that have lyrics suitable for R&B and also for Gospel. Actually more than wonder, I used to be very confused about that and it made me doubt in myself.
Okay, so I dance when I sing along to the songs that have words other than testimony and of the mercies of the Lord. But is it the same as dancing around the truth that we all fall short of the glory of God?  How can I look at someone else and judge whether they are a backslider or not when the Bible says that no not one but Jesus is worthy? In other words, if it were not for Jesus taking on the battle for us, none but Jesus would rise up to heaven.  
I always had questions in my mind that circled around other Christians slinging doubt my way. Am I not Christian because I choose to sing a song that is categorized as Rhythm and Blues?  Is my going to church in vain?  Is my going to God in prayer not the same as all of us sinners who similarly go to God in prayer simply because I sing in night clubs and in bars with bands? 

And why can’t my singing of the mercies of the Lord be real just because I am a singer who likes to sing? Should I base my belief in myself on what others think is right for me?  What if I go to God in prayer about it? Am I a heathen because I am using my anointing to sing other than music that can lift someone's spirit? In all actuality, doesn't music uplift spirits? When I am feeling low, listening to music regardless of genre seems to make me feel like a new person.  But I am just one in the megamillions of people on this earth. Maybe that's just me.

Why is it so hard to believe that all go to God in prayer because they need him? But who besides God can speak on behalf of the relationship that he and his soldier in the army share?  

All these doubts and questions like baggage I carried on my back. I used to care a lot about what people thought and how they perceived me. When I went to church and was called to sing, I used to always doubt that the congregation would not believe that my ministry is real because I also sing R&B. Why did some thinking of me as  just singing like usual and not real to them if it was real to me, persuade me to think differently about myself? I started to believe that about myself and it made me feel awful.  I used to try to do just what people wanted just so that they could think of me as a good person. 

And then I realized that of all the things that can bring me down, hurt my pride, make me want to throw in the towel and give up everything that I started just because things did not go my way, people let me down or stress just keeps using me as a target, that the battle is not mine because the Lord has my back in all things.  Actually, it was a preacher who said it today at church that reminded me of it. He kindly pointed it out in the Bible. Exodus 14:14 says, "The Lord will fight for you. You need to only be still."
And that is why I love the song, “The Battle is not Yours” because it speaks a fountain of truth. We can still hold our heads up high if we never let go of God’s unchanging hand because he will bear the weight of our problems for us, if we believe. I know he is real and I claim him as my Savior. Yes, I am a singer who sings R&B, but I love the Lord wholeheartedly because he loves me unconditionally, despite who I am and regardless of where I am.

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