Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sweetest Love Dedicated to Foreverness

Couplets of Longevity: A poem

Duets that stick

relationships of wedded bliss in foreverness

guitar riffs and twirling hips

and musical ecstasy slips that never shift

and heart still skips and togetherness

in harmonious drifts that seem to uplift

melodic flows with steady spiritual drifts

knowing the conversational importance

and also having patience

for the long stretch; past to present

one of heaven’s descents

are true examples of love at its best

Models of Love: A Thought

It still amazes me to see love within a couple that has been married for years and years and years and are still going strong.

My parents will celebrate their 42nd anniversary this year. What an example of the way love in a marriage is meant to be. Goes to show you that sometimes all the money invested in a big old expensive wedding is not always something that will be a waste. Some marriages actually do last and are timeless.
Surprise in Sweet Love: A Story

Couples like my parents or the Witherspoons who just celebrated 23 years of marriage are blessed to have something like this.

As a surprise for her husband, Mrs Witherspoon thought it would be nice for their wedding song, Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love,” to be sung to them as they celebrated their anniversary dinner. It was funny trying to not be seen until the moment and time arrived and luckily, it worked out perfectly.

Mr Witherspoon seemed very surprised and it was so nice to see the beauty of their smiles shining. 23 years and still strong; now that is definitely an example of sweet love.

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