Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poem: Two Months Deep Into It

I was custom built to tread the yellow brick road and reach spectacular results
At the edge of a dream I sit clinging to a cloud looking past my faults
I have fire and desire that burns eager to explore life
Full of gratitude and hope even in each of the million paces that seemed trite
As I tread into tomorrow looking back at yesterday’s mistakes and learning from them
I’ve come to a point in my life where I feel as if I can walk the earth like a champion
All I needed was the motivation to get back on track doing things for myself
I know who I am because I know what is for me more than anyone else
Seems almost as if there are flowers blooming everywhere in my newness found
The rhythm deep inside of me pumps hard with my desire to work out
And finally I’ve broken down the walls of doubt that kept me enlarging like crazy
I’m gaining ground on my new lifestyle and the change has truly benefitted me
I’m more at ease with my own self two months deep into it and I’ve been made whole
This strength was heaven sent and has made my butterfly wings unfold reaching goals
Now I know I'm stronger than I ever knew I was
I’ve overcome defeats I never knew I could and that is definitely a plus


Monday, September 17, 2012

A Moment of Silence

It is almost like being more than 2000 million miles away and experiencing that real needed harmony that you just do not get on a regular day to day basis.

I’ve experienced it. Being taken from a place where I was independently blue into being cradled with peacefulness. In the span of a second, you experience the good things in life. The oasis of your mind is opened and the bombs of lighted thoughts don’t seem to explode for a while. Basically, the pace of life changes even for just a short period of time.

I used to crave these moments of relaxation, going into the spa and having a specialist make their hands dance over the creases of my skin. Those moments are more precious than gold when I could just glide into my relaxation zone like a linebacker with the ball in his hands and a clear for a goal. This is one of the reasons why I always crave being wrapped up in stress relieving practices. My creative mind gets that needed stillness and I am left with a story book happy ending coming back to that whole person I was made to be by getting a deep tissue massage at the spa.

I have a fancy free romance with the chair at the nail salon. You see, it has this wave of action being done to your back that actually feels like real hands digging into the areas of tension. The feeling just lights me up like a candle on a birthday cake; especially since, it is being done to the back as a pedicurist is massaging and tending to the feet. The pulsating beat on your back and the added heat while being pampered keeps me going strong. It is like paradise in a chair to me, sitting in the massage chair at the nail salon.


Both of those massages require money. So worth doing something for yourself that can make you arch up a smile. So often we relive our good and bad experiences by overthinking and never taking the time to just get into a zone where we can find some solace. But money is not always required to find that solace.


Today I found the best back stretch of all times. I used a balance ball and laid my back across it and it felt like the best massage I have ever had. I did not even want to get off. I think I could have laid on it forever star gazing through the night and then watch the morning sunrise just lying there on it not trying to beat the sun but staying up just to feel the sensation as beautiful as a fireman’s kiss extinguishing the war fires of aches and pain. The mind clears to a vision of a beautiful butterfly just landing and watching me watch it flutter and sit beside me. A great massage and moments to meditate; priceless.


I found other things that just move me at almost an equal balance where singing holds me. For instance, the hand of a specialist is to my muscles as the sound of John Coltrane is a kiss to the softs of my ear. I don’t just listen to his music; I feel it like a normal person would feel the number 3 train rattling into Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn. The presence of his sound is as peaceful as dancing in the summer rains of Haiti. Letting go of stress and letting peace in sometimes helps me to start over back as I was, but better and renewed. Sometimes you just need that massage to the brain.


What a difference a zone makes, for the feel of an atmosphere of escape is amazing. For the most peaceful of all is to just possibly meditate on the word of God.  Let go of all the strength you have and all the thoughts that usually circle your mind and just focus on finding peace and being at one with him. Your spirit is lifted from where you lay like a cape jasmine bloom in the spring. God’s gentleness is as beautiful as a massage to your heart, calming it and giving it that kick to endure whatever comes your way. That is when you find it; that place that you hardly ever go because you are always beating the pan and dwelling in your problems. That place is called the silence of your mind. How beautiful it is to awaken with a clearer point of view after laying your troubles down into his hand and letting go and holding on to the peacefulness of Jesus instead.  That is a massage that you can’t get with human hands; a massage to the spirit.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Sore Not So Ballerina

Usually, Monday is the day when I take a yoga class which is great for me because after all the working and stress on my muscles from the previous week and weekend, my body deserves a good stretch.

But this week was different. The instructor was on vacation and the class was replaced with something different that I'd never taken before. I decided to try it to see what it was all about. Somehow, God has put into my heart to work out and ever since, I have been more active than I have been in years. Just from hearing the name Ballet Barre, the thought never crossed my mind that I might be a bit sore for the next few days.  

I have to give it to people who professionally dance ballet. I had no idea they worked out so intensely. However, now I understand why they have such great posture and poise.  It takes a lot of strength to able to complete some of the given tasks. Ballet barre was definitely not one of the easiest classes I've taken thus far and what I found to be one of the harder ones.  

Items used in the class are a yoga mat, weights, a block and a resistance strap.  The class begins with a little aerobic warm-up and then moves into working with weights.  I have taken body sculpting classes and usually use 8 lbs free weights and I am able to handle all the repetitious pulsing. But after a while, my arms got so tired of pumping the weights up while doing pliĆ©s and other lower body movements that I actually had to change to less heavier ones to complete the workout; hence, why my arms have been a little sore ever since.

Then the instructor had us doing lower body work. We used the wall as our barres and went from leg lifts to balancing on one leg and doing rond de jambs and more leg exercises at single and pulsed out paces. But imagine being on one leg doing and working that leg out for like ten minutes straight before moving to the other leg. Her exact words were, "I know it hurts but I promise we are almost done." Other things practiced in the class were pilates-like movements and a few yoga poses to work the stomach and back; hence why my legs and abdominals are sore.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into by taking ballet barre but I have to say, it was pretty good. Sometimes I need to be a little challenged. I would definitely take it again. My body gets the workout I am looking for and I find some energy to be able to endure for the rest of the day. But even if I take it again, I probably won’t have as much stamina as the little ballerinas in the following video dancing to my favorite classical tune, Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.”

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poem: The Melody of Who God Made


Pay negativity no mind!
God did not create us to analyze bouts 
or to be climbing up mountains of doubt
and standing at the windows of their mouths
listening and believing in words not found
in the book of life that he created for us as our weapon.
You seem to have a serious misconception
and have been lead into true deception
not understanding the powerful connection
found in the love of God’s amazing blessings
and the experiences that come before us with lessons.
Are you telling me that you do not know who you truly are?
You mean you rather let the heaven in your smile be taken
by the sarcastic remarks of those forsaking
your name and trying to spirit break and offend
the very things you love trying to make you turn away
just to show how much power they possess over your brain
spoon feeding you with garbage they want to call knowledge?
Don’t let your entire view be devoted to their content.
If you treat them like royalty what would you expect?
But the truth that stands with you, somehow you forget
that God has been there through cause and effect.
Just make sure that you have your mind in check
and instead keep your mind focused on those forward movements.
They can leaf through everything you leave open like a chapter.
What they say is none of your business even if about your character.
For if you believe in yourself, who cares what he said she said?
If you have God in your life, you have the upper hand.
Their twirling riffs they hope to leave lingering deep down inside.
Just hold on to those things you love and let your little light shine.
Responding is not necessary if you hold on to God’s unbelievable patience.
Experiences bring us to where we are, and thus bring us through changes.
You are equipped for the road when you can climb over mountains of doubt.
Slingers may throw lies your way but you were powered to take other routes.
You release unnecessary anger if you choose to relinquish God’s power.
or you can stand on his solid ground and over their small unimportance, tower.
Oh so happy is the person who knows who they are and holds onto their faith
who has learned to enhance dynamics of their environment and never cast away.
Even through dark nights your brightness shines like a pleasant star glowing.
For while lost in God’s love, they keep your name up in disco lighting
expecting you to react but you simply shine a sweet romantic smile away.
And the melody still lingers the groove never bout them but bout who God made.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poem: The Path is Always Forward.

“No matter who you are or where you came from,
the path is always forward” is what Mayor Julian Castro said.
Ignited my passion to continue to watch the Democratic convention
even though I was half asleep and ready for bed.
Who could think of watching “Love & Hip Hop”
when strong leaders are speaking under the glare of the spotlight?
First Lady, Michelle Obama had something memorable to cite
and all the words she shared exploded with love and with life.
I stand in this amazing temple God made as one among many.
Thankful that he provided me with a world filled with plenty.
A Haitian-American woman of promise with a melody. 
The world is swirling around me as I continue on this journey
and yes, I agree;  I want my share of this lifetime's prosperity
 So I can fly the heights of a butterfly as was intended for me.  
I am not ready to allow my building to be dismantled
by a bunch of flip flopped 

stop-and-make-you-wonder that slingers rock on.
Please share with us the truth: what is your cause?
Give me a reason why for you I should have positive thoughts.
You say you are running for president but still
I don’t know what you stand for except that you think you are better than.
I’m not sure if you fit in to the thread that is connecting
to  the true meaning of struggle, survival and living.
I remember the first time I got the opportunity
I ran to the polls like a track runner in a race.
You couldn’t tell me that I was not ready to vote
because I signed up and was ready to play the game.
And now, the time is approaching where we must vote again.
The keynote speaker said to pull yourself up by your bootstraps
to get there and put your voice in.
I think I’ll listen to him because as we approach tomorrow
I think Obama in 2012 should win again because I found love in him.
Don’t forget to vote on November 6th, 2012
For the world and for the promise; moving forward.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dancing To Get The Heart Pumped Up

Back in the days, I used to find myself on the Parkway for the Labor Day parade dancing to and enjoying all the Caribbean music blaring on Easter Parkway in Brooklyn.

It was always a good time seeing a plethora of people from all different regions of the Caribbean Islands gathering together and representing their countries.  Who could deny the fun of dancing in the streets? 

This year though, I didn’t get a chance to make it. I missed all the working out I used to do dancing to the reggae, calypso, soca and Haitian music.
I really like to dance. To move to the beat is always a fun thing for me. Especially to the sounds of live music. I think the instrumentation of live musicians just agrees with my spirit and makes me want to move.

Since I didn’t get to go to the parade this year, I decided to get creative with my workout tonight and assembled a playlist of dance tunes to just groove to. That is exactly what I would have been doing on the parkway if I had gone to the parade; swinging my hips and moving my feet. The only difference was that this dance workout I did was in the comfort of my home.

It has been said that a person needs about 15 minutes of working out every day to be heart healthy. And so, that is exactly what I did; about a half hour of just pure dancing to get my heart pumped up.

Some of the songs used were songs I’ve heard in my Zumba class like “I Love Salsa” by N’Klabe and “Zumba He Zumba Ha” by Dj Mam featuring Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisa.  I have grown to really love these songs and the dances the instructor taught. I also danced to songs that I have learned to love from going to parties like “Electric Slide” by Marcia Griffiths and “The Wobble” by V.I.C. If I were in a club, my feet would not allow me to just hold up the wall if these songs were played. I’d be moving as if I had no choice but to dance, all through the night.

I’ve realized that even at home, I can do fun workouts that keep my body moving without an instructor or machine.  It was a good cardiovascular workout and I feel great.  

Here is an easy one to try at home. The "Electric Slide" is usually done as a group dance, but as a workout, seems like a great song to pump that heart with. Check out this video and dance along to the music rendered by the live band.