Monday, September 17, 2012

A Moment of Silence

It is almost like being more than 2000 million miles away and experiencing that real needed harmony that you just do not get on a regular day to day basis.

I’ve experienced it. Being taken from a place where I was independently blue into being cradled with peacefulness. In the span of a second, you experience the good things in life. The oasis of your mind is opened and the bombs of lighted thoughts don’t seem to explode for a while. Basically, the pace of life changes even for just a short period of time.

I used to crave these moments of relaxation, going into the spa and having a specialist make their hands dance over the creases of my skin. Those moments are more precious than gold when I could just glide into my relaxation zone like a linebacker with the ball in his hands and a clear for a goal. This is one of the reasons why I always crave being wrapped up in stress relieving practices. My creative mind gets that needed stillness and I am left with a story book happy ending coming back to that whole person I was made to be by getting a deep tissue massage at the spa.

I have a fancy free romance with the chair at the nail salon. You see, it has this wave of action being done to your back that actually feels like real hands digging into the areas of tension. The feeling just lights me up like a candle on a birthday cake; especially since, it is being done to the back as a pedicurist is massaging and tending to the feet. The pulsating beat on your back and the added heat while being pampered keeps me going strong. It is like paradise in a chair to me, sitting in the massage chair at the nail salon.


Both of those massages require money. So worth doing something for yourself that can make you arch up a smile. So often we relive our good and bad experiences by overthinking and never taking the time to just get into a zone where we can find some solace. But money is not always required to find that solace.


Today I found the best back stretch of all times. I used a balance ball and laid my back across it and it felt like the best massage I have ever had. I did not even want to get off. I think I could have laid on it forever star gazing through the night and then watch the morning sunrise just lying there on it not trying to beat the sun but staying up just to feel the sensation as beautiful as a fireman’s kiss extinguishing the war fires of aches and pain. The mind clears to a vision of a beautiful butterfly just landing and watching me watch it flutter and sit beside me. A great massage and moments to meditate; priceless.


I found other things that just move me at almost an equal balance where singing holds me. For instance, the hand of a specialist is to my muscles as the sound of John Coltrane is a kiss to the softs of my ear. I don’t just listen to his music; I feel it like a normal person would feel the number 3 train rattling into Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn. The presence of his sound is as peaceful as dancing in the summer rains of Haiti. Letting go of stress and letting peace in sometimes helps me to start over back as I was, but better and renewed. Sometimes you just need that massage to the brain.


What a difference a zone makes, for the feel of an atmosphere of escape is amazing. For the most peaceful of all is to just possibly meditate on the word of God.  Let go of all the strength you have and all the thoughts that usually circle your mind and just focus on finding peace and being at one with him. Your spirit is lifted from where you lay like a cape jasmine bloom in the spring. God’s gentleness is as beautiful as a massage to your heart, calming it and giving it that kick to endure whatever comes your way. That is when you find it; that place that you hardly ever go because you are always beating the pan and dwelling in your problems. That place is called the silence of your mind. How beautiful it is to awaken with a clearer point of view after laying your troubles down into his hand and letting go and holding on to the peacefulness of Jesus instead.  That is a massage that you can’t get with human hands; a massage to the spirit.


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