Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poem: The Melody of Who God Made


Pay negativity no mind!
God did not create us to analyze bouts 
or to be climbing up mountains of doubt
and standing at the windows of their mouths
listening and believing in words not found
in the book of life that he created for us as our weapon.
You seem to have a serious misconception
and have been lead into true deception
not understanding the powerful connection
found in the love of God’s amazing blessings
and the experiences that come before us with lessons.
Are you telling me that you do not know who you truly are?
You mean you rather let the heaven in your smile be taken
by the sarcastic remarks of those forsaking
your name and trying to spirit break and offend
the very things you love trying to make you turn away
just to show how much power they possess over your brain
spoon feeding you with garbage they want to call knowledge?
Don’t let your entire view be devoted to their content.
If you treat them like royalty what would you expect?
But the truth that stands with you, somehow you forget
that God has been there through cause and effect.
Just make sure that you have your mind in check
and instead keep your mind focused on those forward movements.
They can leaf through everything you leave open like a chapter.
What they say is none of your business even if about your character.
For if you believe in yourself, who cares what he said she said?
If you have God in your life, you have the upper hand.
Their twirling riffs they hope to leave lingering deep down inside.
Just hold on to those things you love and let your little light shine.
Responding is not necessary if you hold on to God’s unbelievable patience.
Experiences bring us to where we are, and thus bring us through changes.
You are equipped for the road when you can climb over mountains of doubt.
Slingers may throw lies your way but you were powered to take other routes.
You release unnecessary anger if you choose to relinquish God’s power.
or you can stand on his solid ground and over their small unimportance, tower.
Oh so happy is the person who knows who they are and holds onto their faith
who has learned to enhance dynamics of their environment and never cast away.
Even through dark nights your brightness shines like a pleasant star glowing.
For while lost in God’s love, they keep your name up in disco lighting
expecting you to react but you simply shine a sweet romantic smile away.
And the melody still lingers the groove never bout them but bout who God made.

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