Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poem: The Path is Always Forward.

“No matter who you are or where you came from,
the path is always forward” is what Mayor Julian Castro said.
Ignited my passion to continue to watch the Democratic convention
even though I was half asleep and ready for bed.
Who could think of watching “Love & Hip Hop”
when strong leaders are speaking under the glare of the spotlight?
First Lady, Michelle Obama had something memorable to cite
and all the words she shared exploded with love and with life.
I stand in this amazing temple God made as one among many.
Thankful that he provided me with a world filled with plenty.
A Haitian-American woman of promise with a melody. 
The world is swirling around me as I continue on this journey
and yes, I agree;  I want my share of this lifetime's prosperity
 So I can fly the heights of a butterfly as was intended for me.  
I am not ready to allow my building to be dismantled
by a bunch of flip flopped 

stop-and-make-you-wonder that slingers rock on.
Please share with us the truth: what is your cause?
Give me a reason why for you I should have positive thoughts.
You say you are running for president but still
I don’t know what you stand for except that you think you are better than.
I’m not sure if you fit in to the thread that is connecting
to  the true meaning of struggle, survival and living.
I remember the first time I got the opportunity
I ran to the polls like a track runner in a race.
You couldn’t tell me that I was not ready to vote
because I signed up and was ready to play the game.
And now, the time is approaching where we must vote again.
The keynote speaker said to pull yourself up by your bootstraps
to get there and put your voice in.
I think I’ll listen to him because as we approach tomorrow
I think Obama in 2012 should win again because I found love in him.
Don’t forget to vote on November 6th, 2012
For the world and for the promise; moving forward.

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