Monday, November 19, 2012

Workout Gospel Music Playlist

So you want to workout and are looking for a good playlist to listen to while doing your exercises that will not only get you in the spirit to move but that will also give you that extra needed energy that you need to complete those workout tasks you have been inspired to do. 

Here is an idea.  Why not do your next workout routine to the sounds of a Gospel playlist?  Here is a playlist that might interest you that I use sometimes when I am trying to get those pushups, tricep dips, burpees, squats, jumping jacks, jump roping and pumping my iron or whatever else might work for that day.

Warm-up to "Upon this Rock" by Mattie Moss Clark

1.    View the City by Rizen
2.    Dancin’ In the Son by Tonex
3.    New Life by Evelyn Turrentine-Agee
4.    Faithful to Believe by Byron Cage
5.    Good to Me by Jai
6.    Victory by Kim Burrell
7.    If I Be Lifted Up by the Anointed Pace Sisters
8.    Bye and Bye by Georgia Mass Choir
9.    Now I Sing by Out of Eden
10. We’ve Come to Lift You Up by Chicago Mass Choir
11. Pressin’ On by James Hall and Worship & Praise
12. Done Did It by Kierra Sheard
13. It’s Possible by John P Kee
14. Expect Your Miracle by the Clark Sisters
15. It Just Get’s Sweeter by John P Kee
16. Jamming on the 100 Psalms by Lashun Pace
17. I’m Encouraged by Vanessa Bell Armstrong
18. My Soul Says Yes by Danny Eason
Cool-Down to “Blessings” by Karen Clark-Sheard
This list is quite a bit over an hour (maybe even two hours long), but perhaps you are doing a circuit and also some strength training and this song list might motivate you to keep on going until the music is over.  For me, it has motivated to do rope jumping through the entire full length of a song, jump on a trampoline for two or three songs straight, do an extra seven pushups or even another set of squats.  Sometimes, I even use this list to do some step aerobics and it works. Maybe this is a list that you might also enjoy.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Poem: A different Storyline

Almost felt like content overload

clamoring over the clouds and producing rain over my earth

wanting to ride a different storyline

conceive a brand new twist and labor it to birth

repairing the damage with my own strength desire energy and clarity

I thought I’d never learn to drive fearing the whole idea of it

but sometimes you just have to take your own fair shot at success

and as the dust settles in from the old idea but a new way of doing things

I turned my worst physical state into my own circle of influence

maybe these swirl of colors from the parting clouds and the rainbow

were meant to prance into my happily ever after that was meant

yet I can only be content for how far I’ve come thirty pounds later

because even though I’ve made a dent in my pathway I have not met my goal yet

but I will

and I’m determined

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Poem: If It Were Not For, Voting

If it weren’t for our ancestors who had the guts to speak up

The starlit sky would not be ours for the taking

If it were not for the voice that we have been privileged to have

Wherever we choose to go wouldn’t be our decision for the making


If it were not for the arm full of books that we could read

Our applause breaking out would be ours without reasoning

If it were not for the epic events that made us who we are

We would not dwell in the serene atmosphere created from mistakes of learning


If it were not for the days when the stars lose their glitter

We would not find a reason to find full enjoyment in the sun

If it were not for the stressful weeks we experience at work

Our weekends would be nothing to cherish or to love


If it were not for us finding peace within our own selves

We’d find reason to care when haters mock our failings

And if it were not for the rhythm that we carry in our hearts

The tracks on which we are stretching to the next level would instead be derailing


If it were not for the things we see within visible range

We would not need a voice to have an opinion

And if it were not for hope for prosperity for tomorrow

We would not ever find ourselves on a mission


And had it not been for that mission we’d have no need to take action

Our eager hope would never open doors shut firmly with iron power

And if it were not for our ancestors who had the guts to speak up

The true reasons we had to vote in our hearts would never tower


Even alone if we walk down the trail to polling sites

And we come running through the center to cast our voices

And it brings peace to our minds to see different types of people

All surveying the room trying to find the right place to make our choices


If it were not for the tallying and the awaiting of the numbers

We wouldn’t keep that hope until the end when the winner is set

But if you didn’t vote or add your voice or make the choice

Who are you to complain if the things we hoped for this world are not met?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let Your Body Get Lost In The Music

I am used to going to the gym every morning at work but since Hurricane Sandy came and hit New York, Brooklynites did not really have easy access into Manhattan with the trains not running, unless they got on the free shuttle bus to Manhattan or drove with the HOV restriction; so I have been home trying different workouts and missing the equipment and the instructor led classes that I am used to incorporating into my life.

One of the classes I am used to taking is Zumba. I miss all the working out I was doing before the storm. I saw the line of cars waiting to get gas today from my local Hess station and it was approximately nine city blocks long.

I refuse to wait on that line or on the line with hundreds of people awaiting the free shuttle just to get into Manhattan, so I had to make use of what I have home. Yet still, I do not have the Zumba class there, though I do have Zumba for Nintendo Wii. Yet still, not the same.

Once a week, a group of motivated people gather in the group workout room to dance the hour away. After taking the class for a while, one gets used to both the dance routine and the music. I loved the songs from my instructor led Zumba class so much that I downloaded most of them on to my IPOD, added some more dance songs like the wobble and the electric slide and I had my own Zumba party at home. Felt great to shake my body and shake off some calories at the same time. Fun workout.

Here are a list of just a few songs that you might find interest in doing the fun workout of simply getting into the groove, moving your body to it and having a great time doing it.
1.    Without You – David Guetta and Usher
2.    Good Feeling – Flo Rida
3.    Pump Me Up – Russel Cadogan
4.    Turn up the Music – Chris Brown
5.    We Found Love (Featuring Calvin Harris) - Rihanna
6.    Rete – Kassav
7.    Caramelo a Kila – Carolina la O
8.    Zumba Te Suelta – Raggaeton Hip Hop
9.    I Feel Good – James Brown
10.  Abusadora – Oro Solido
11.  I Love Salsa – N’Klabe
12.  Never Stop – Brand New Heavies
13.  Zumba He Zumba Ha  -  (feat. Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisao) – DJ Mam
14.  Higher – Taio Cruz
15.  Wobble – V.I.C.
16.  Electric Slide – Marcia Griffiths
17.  Dollar Wine – Colin Lucas
18.  Moving to the Left – Paul and Peter Lewis
19.  Everybody – Hilton Jr Dalzell
20.  Buzz – Carimi
21.  Zouk La Sé Sél Médikaman Nou Ni – Kassav

This list is about an hour and twenty minutes of music.  In this time span of dancing, you burn about 500 calories. What a fun way to burn off that Margarita, the lunch you had this afternoon or the dinner portion of rice and beans you just had.  But regardless, dancing is fun and if you love dancing, by the time your hips start swinging to the good sounds, you will forget that it was even with the intention of using it as an exercise, because it is fun.

Enjoy and let your body get lost in the music.