Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Poem: A different Storyline

Almost felt like content overload

clamoring over the clouds and producing rain over my earth

wanting to ride a different storyline

conceive a brand new twist and labor it to birth

repairing the damage with my own strength desire energy and clarity

I thought I’d never learn to drive fearing the whole idea of it

but sometimes you just have to take your own fair shot at success

and as the dust settles in from the old idea but a new way of doing things

I turned my worst physical state into my own circle of influence

maybe these swirl of colors from the parting clouds and the rainbow

were meant to prance into my happily ever after that was meant

yet I can only be content for how far I’ve come thirty pounds later

because even though I’ve made a dent in my pathway I have not met my goal yet

but I will

and I’m determined

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