Monday, November 19, 2012

Workout Gospel Music Playlist

So you want to workout and are looking for a good playlist to listen to while doing your exercises that will not only get you in the spirit to move but that will also give you that extra needed energy that you need to complete those workout tasks you have been inspired to do. 

Here is an idea.  Why not do your next workout routine to the sounds of a Gospel playlist?  Here is a playlist that might interest you that I use sometimes when I am trying to get those pushups, tricep dips, burpees, squats, jumping jacks, jump roping and pumping my iron or whatever else might work for that day.

Warm-up to "Upon this Rock" by Mattie Moss Clark

1.    View the City by Rizen
2.    Dancin’ In the Son by Tonex
3.    New Life by Evelyn Turrentine-Agee
4.    Faithful to Believe by Byron Cage
5.    Good to Me by Jai
6.    Victory by Kim Burrell
7.    If I Be Lifted Up by the Anointed Pace Sisters
8.    Bye and Bye by Georgia Mass Choir
9.    Now I Sing by Out of Eden
10. We’ve Come to Lift You Up by Chicago Mass Choir
11. Pressin’ On by James Hall and Worship & Praise
12. Done Did It by Kierra Sheard
13. It’s Possible by John P Kee
14. Expect Your Miracle by the Clark Sisters
15. It Just Get’s Sweeter by John P Kee
16. Jamming on the 100 Psalms by Lashun Pace
17. I’m Encouraged by Vanessa Bell Armstrong
18. My Soul Says Yes by Danny Eason
Cool-Down to “Blessings” by Karen Clark-Sheard
This list is quite a bit over an hour (maybe even two hours long), but perhaps you are doing a circuit and also some strength training and this song list might motivate you to keep on going until the music is over.  For me, it has motivated to do rope jumping through the entire full length of a song, jump on a trampoline for two or three songs straight, do an extra seven pushups or even another set of squats.  Sometimes, I even use this list to do some step aerobics and it works. Maybe this is a list that you might also enjoy.  

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