Monday, December 3, 2012

'Tis the Season for Beautiful Window Displays

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the gym I used to frequent at work got destroyed.

I used to be there every morning at 7:30 AM and then during lunch time. I have to admit, I feel a little lost without it as I try to maintain how far I’ve come and also continue to put a dent into where I currently am. I started back at Bally’s Fitness which is great but I find myself not in the mood to go, not wanting to get out of my comfort zone of afterwork laziness. And so, I have been trying to find ways to add more physical activities to my life for days that I know that I will not be making it to the gym.  One of those things I added is walking more.

I try to walk a little more each day. On some days, I try to walk to the second or third closest train station instead of the one that is right there. I try to use the steps instead of riding the elevator all the time. Little things like that, even though they are little, do add to the lot.

I got up this morning with a thought in my mind that instead of riding the train to the stop I usually get off, to instead get off at the first stop in the city and walk the mile and a half trek to my destination. After 30 minutes of walking, I felt inspired. So inspired that my heart would not allow me to go into the first train station I saw to return home like normal, but instead, to walk.  And what a great time to do it; the Christmas season.

Window shopping took on a new definition today. Especially with all the beautiful decorations that are around in celebration of Christmas that is ahead of us, you do more than just window shopping. You stop, gaze, smile and maybe snap a shot at the sights that practically make you shed a tear. 

I started at the window displays at Macy's Herald Square which was absolutely gorgeous. If you can't find any reasons to smile in your day, go to 34th Street and 6th Avenue and I think a smile might naturally appear without even trying.
Then I walked over to Lord & Taylor. I did not expect to see such color and lights. My eyes were bedazzled.
But then, I realized how close Rockafeller Center was from there and decided to go take a look at this year’s holiday tree. It is one thing to watch the lighting of the tree or to see the tree during news commercial breaks on television, but the vision of it live is just amazing.
From there, the glitz and glamour of the fireworks across the street, made me want to go and look at the display at Sax Fifth Avenue. I had never stopped to look at their holiday display before so it was definitely an experience. And a good one because like all the rest of the windows I had seen, this one was beautiful also.
Now, what is going to Rockafeller to see the tree without going to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Since I was so close, I decided to pay a visit to the church. As usual, the church was filled with people and the Crèche was as beautiful as ever. 
After seeing so many window displays, I realized one was missing. Which is what made me decided to keep walking from Fifth Avenue to make my way to see the window display at Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex.
On the way  to Bloomie's, I stopped at Black Rock off Park Avenue and 51st Street. I love the arrangement they have inside. This display alone could get both young and old, feeling the joys of the holiday.
The smiles that appeared on my face throughout this entire adventure could not be contained and lasted all the way home. The entire walk was a 2 1/2 mile walk. I'm tired but also my hips and waist feel great. Even better, I captured some great images which I used to create the collages that are seen throughout this blogpost. Hope you enjoyed the images and I wish to you and yours, a very merry Christmas.