Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tribute to Life in the Arms of Jesus: One time

Tribute to Life in the Arms of Jesus


[Tribute to Life in the Arms of Jesus: One Time. A poem dedicated to my aunts who recently passed, a friend of mine who recently lost her son and to all those who have lost someone and may be in mourning. May you find consolation and never forget to remember that time waits for no one and the only things you cannot regain after it is los tis time and life. That you may find peace in your day.]
One Time

One time for the love you gave

To prove that you shined a meaningful light

One time for the day God made

That I was blessed to share with you in life

One time for the road ahead

For what heaven holds in store for you

That you may be in the peace

In the arms of Jesus


Will always love you forever

That you may be in the peace of the arms of Jesus


One time for the love you gave

To prove that you shined a meaningful light

One time for unlimited inspiration you gave

And your beautiful ways

One time for the changes that turn the page

To the life that heaven claimed

That you may be in the peace

In the arms of Jesus


Will always love you forever

That you may be in the peace of the arms of Jesus

[I took these same lyrics and put them to music and here is the result; a collage and a song. Thank you for the inspiration.]

God bless you!
Stephanie Jeannot

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stephanay JNote & The Musiqal Ones at Essence Lounge 11/21/2013 10PM

Something about live music that gives me fever.

I love the good old sounds that reverberate from the instruments and it makes the watch and the listen that much better.  If you are like me and live music has stolen your hearts, maybe you will be interested in coming out to Essence Lounge this Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 10PM to 2AM.

From 10AM to 2AM, it will be the ambiance, the fun, the drinks, the food and the music that will make the experience of enjoying the night, a great one.  Live music will be performed by Stephanay  JNote and the Musiqal Ones doing a mixture of Top 40 tunes from the 70s through today's music, a little bit of jazz, reggae, soca and also some original music. There will also be an open mic open to all musicians, singers, poets and even rappers if willing to spit something to the sounds of a live band.

Essence Lounge is located at 1662 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn between Troy Avenue and Schenectady Avenue. Will be a great night. Admission is free and free street parking available.

Joe Fry on Guitar
Wayne Holmes on Keys
Richie Johnson on Drums
Stephanay JNote on Vocals

Cant wait to see you friends.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Am Haitian & I Am Music

Culture never dies!

It continues on and even in the next generation and the generation after that, there seems to be a remnant of what was, left over.  Whether it be an accent, a way of thinking or living, practices, belief systems and even the music that we listen to. 

Like music! If you heard it in ancient times and it was sung at the churches and is recycled and still being sung at the churches or as a blues tune. And who doesn't love a good old Beethoven or Handel song that always seems so fresh and new when sung in church on Easter Sunday? Even though the makers of it might perish, their legacy continues on. And so we become one with their music and it grows like a flower in our hearts and stands up to the sun with a desire to be sprinkled with life.

As a woman who claims a Haitian background, I grew up listening to Haitian music all my life. I enjoy the sounds. I have always had a good time dancing to them. Even learned some of the lyrics and sang along to the beautiful sounds that would reverberate through the speakers. I even add them to my exercise Zumba flow so that when I'm dancing as exercise, I can sweat to tunes of who I am. I am Haitian and I am music!

I am Haitian because God enabled me to have such a wonderful background. I am music because God blessed with an amazing gift. And I accept both because both make me, Stephanay!

Wherever You Are, the Single
Now Available for Download
It’s funny! A few friends listening to a few of the tunes  created the music for and all said the same thing; they heard a Caribbean feel to the songs.  I never realized it until they pointed it out and that was without me even trying.
Download a copy of my song, “Wherever You Are” now on ITUNES here: and tell me if you can hear it. I wrote the lyrics and created the track in my studio. Music seems almost embedded in me now because that is where my heart lies.  

Beautiful sounds like those found in Haitian music could be very much one of the reasons for my love of music. Do you ever just listen to the instrumental sounds and hear the horns and bass getting in groove together?  And some of the melodies are sick, they make you just want to listen and dance.

And then listeners just get that urge to put their hand on their stomach,
Legendary accordionist, Richard Duroseau
and Singer, Stephanay JNote

sway the hips and move their feet.  Who wouldn’t feel that way when listening to Compas music?

I had the opportunity to meet the legendary accordionist, Richard Duroseau, one of the original founders of compas music. I was invited to sing with an amazing group of jazz musicians, the Carl Bartlett Jr Quintet at Occasions Catering Hall in Springfield Gardens, NY and Duroseau was one of the many members of the audience.

Music knows no color, race or nationality. It touches hearts wherever and whenever. It is one of the most peaceful creations in the world. If it hits you, you can be healed from bruises sometimes. How powerful is that; a gift that can touch somebody’s heart?
 Like the gift that Conjunction International started back in 1955 with Compa Direk and that seemed to change the sound of Haitian music forever. We cannot forget to mention the other members of the group which included Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Montford Jean-Baptiste, Weber Sicot, Julienne Paul and the duroseau Brothers. A new style of popular Haitian Dance Music started and became known as Compas. And still lives on! Even today and for the long run.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Everything is Different at the Singer/Songwriter Open Mic at Sam Ash

I enjoy the platform that an open mic provides to a singer trying to test out his or her sound before an audience. Have you heard about the singer/songwriter open mic that goes on at Sam Ash?

Every Wednesday night afterwork at about 6:30 PM, each and every Sam Ash has an open mic dedicated to singers and songwriters. And so, singers and songwriters gather together, share their music and network.  So glad there is a Sam Ash in Brooklyn, NY which enables me to participate and also enter into their original music Instagram contest for a chance to win cash prizes.

I’ve had the opportunity to get down there and test the waters.  It’s not only a great experience but fun. Also, early enough for me to get down there after-work, do my thing and leave in time to make it to sing a few jazz tunes in Queens for Jazz with Attitude at the Manhattan Proper located at 21701 Linden Blvd in Cambria Heights for some live jazz hosted by Jeff Sheloff and Wayne Holmes at 8:30 PM. Wednesday nights are interesting nights for me because they are music filled to the fullest extent.

Here is a clip to the last singer/songwriter open mic event at Sam Ash that I was able to attend.  I performed my song, “Everything is Different Now” with the soundtrack. All lyrics were written by me Stephanie Jeannot. The music was created by Armand Collins and Stephanie Jeannot.

Thank you for stopping by my Blog.  Have an amazing day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Women's Weekend: On the Pink Carpet to the original Breakthrough

They called this weekend Women’s Weekend; the weekend that begins Friday, October 18th and takes you right on into Sunday, October 20th.

I guess that is appropriate considering some of the events I witnessed and/or took part of that began today and run throughout the weekend.
"Pink is the new Black" - Unknown

If you are from New York then you probably saw commercials or read an ad somewhere that let you know that this Sunday is the Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park. Actually it is breast cancer awareness month and the theme is go pink. 

Now everybody has heard about a red carpet.  You go somewhere fancy or watch a group of individuals on television being interviewed or photographed along a red carpet wearing something fancy and looking amazing. But have you heard about a pink carpet?  Well, more like a pink ribbon trail but beautiful idea and concept worth talking about.
I saw it today and it was so nice. In an effort to raise funds to add to the nearly $2,000,000 that has already been raised, a fundraiser was held and all roads leading to it was a carpet of pink ribbons; definitely a great touch and effort to make someone want to pull out a $1 or $2 to support a great cause because in actuality, we all want to kick cancer to the curb.

Celebration of Women at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church

This evening was the start of Women’s Weekend at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, and what a beautiful night. Praise dancing, choirs singing and Ladeez in the House doing a few tunes to help  make the event glorious.

But their celebration won’t stop there; they have a weekend of events planned all designed to empower her.  The Empower her weekend. I love the name they designated for their flow of events.  

And then we come to Sunday. A day to praise and celebrate God who makes all things possible. Also a day to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Central Park. 

Please be aware that there are walks for breast cancer and all types of cancer all over NYC that people do participate in. It was just two weeks ago when the Family Life Center in Queens had a walk for breast cancer and had folks walking in unity through the streets of Jamaica. This Sunday’s will not be any different. 

Millions of folks will gather at 72nd Street in Manhattan around 7AM and do five miles of walking in support of those suffering, those whose lives were taken and to help raise funds to eliminate cancer, period. Perhaps it is the biggest one in the NYC area.

Something to Consider

Here is something to consider. Five miles of walking will take under two hours of time in a busy day.  True, the day is busy, but this is two hours you dedicate not only to raise money for breast cancer, but to raise the wellness of thy own heart. Just 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day improves heart health. In five miles of walking, you get about three days worth of hearth health benefits. I'm an advocate for health and will always add something about fitness into the scheme of things. If this has motivated you anyway,  make sure you keep checking back for new blog posts.

So glad to have been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love to do most as part of the kick-off celebration for Women’s Week and it was awesome. 

Along with the band, Ladeez in the House, I got the opportunity to share my original song “Breakthrough” with everybody who was present at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church. Here is a youtube video of “Breakthrough” by Stephanie Jeannot featuring Ladeez in the House.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and if you did, leave me a message or comment and let me know. Peace and love!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They Called it Stormy, But Jazzy Mondays in Brooklyn

What better way to celebrate Music Monday then to emerge yourself in quality sounds? And, what better a borough of New York than Brooklyn to settle your heart in and allow the music to fill your soul?

This was definitely the case at For My Sweet, a cozy little jazz spot located at 1103 Fulton Street between Classon Avenue and Clover Place in Brooklyn. Lately, I have found myself desiring to hear and become involved in some of these jazz open mics and I found one not too far. Brooklyn is definitely a great spot to enjoy music and For My Sweet had just the amount of jazz my heart was craving.

If it is not the jazz paintings that are scattered all along the walls of this sophisticated oasis, it is the great lighting that creates a nice, intimate mood. I felt comfortable getting up there to sing one of my favorite Etta James tunes, “At Last” and how encouraging to see such a welcoming crowd of beautiful people.  To top it off, there were so many different  musicians, poets, true entertainers and also Ras Chemash Lamed who sounded just like Frank Sinatra. I will definitely be back there for of their upcoming open mic nights happening every first Monday of the month.

Or better yet, grab a friend or two and head down to For My Sweet next Monday, October 14, 2013 and catch some of the wonderful music that will be played by the CBJ Quartet from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM.  It will definitely be a night worth being a part of.

Hopefully I will make it there before 7 so I can get into the pre-open mic portion of the night. Maybe we'll see each other there.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Revelation of Them Size 58 Pants Clothed Around Captain Bills

Today, I was blessed with the privilege of doing an event with the Ladeez in the House at Captain Bill’s located in the Bayshore area of New York’s Suffolk County, Long Island.

It is always a pleasure working with such wonderful talent like that of guitarist Debbie Knapper, drummer Lisette “Peechez” Armstrong, and bass player Deb Robinson and also saxophonist Gerald Rampersaud and keyboardist Wayne Holmes. Good music and great vibes on each and every occasion.

It was a performance that was Gospel based, celebrating the birthday of the pastor of Wyndach, NY’s Revelation Church, Pastor Simmons, and he had a nice crowd which included, members of his congregation, collegues, family and friends. 

 One of the songs which we often perform is a cover of Yolanda Adam’s “Open Up My Heart.” The song is very uplifting and delivers such a positive message; so blessed to have not only been able to minister through music but to have also been able to share my testimony of God leading me to dieting, exercising and losing a massive amount of weight in less than a year. It still amazes me to think about how far God has taken me from where I was to where I am. What amazed me even more though was a man who felt comfortable with sharing his testimony with me.

As much as 80lbs seems like a lot of weight to lose in nine months, Brother Al lost 120lbs from January 2013 to now, October 2013.  In January, Brother Al was wearing size 58 pants and was 367 lbs. How amazing is that?

Sometimes it baffles me to hear people complain and whine about not being able to lose weight? Is it because you can’t or that you are not trying?  Did you know that can’t is a curse word? When you say that you can’t do something, you actually deprive yourself of even trying. If you truly are making an effort, how much of your heart are you really dedicating to achieving something as amazing as Brother Al did?

I’ll just say this; if you are seeking to make a difference in your life and one of your goals includes weight loss and you think that dieting and exercise will not contribute to that desired end result, you are wrong.  However, what you should know is if you exercise alone without diet, you will not yield results. If you diet and not exercise, you actually might see some progress yet not as much as you'd expect. But together, you will yield your desires.  Weight loss does not require pills, surgery, extreme starvation methods or anything else that will not invite your victories into your life except for a prayer, faith and dedication to your own cause. So if you want it, get with it and let’s do what we need to do to be where we want  to be.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Sounds of Reincarnated Music We Grew with

The other day,  it was styles of fashion that were being born and then dying only to come back again that was being discussed, and now here we come to another favorite topic of mine; music.

Louis Armstrong

So how many people remember growing up and listening to tunes that we heard playing on television sitcoms or even that were being sung that we learned from repetition? 

Who doesn't remember "A-Tisket, A-Tasket," a tune being sung by Ella Fitzgerald which was also a nice nursery rhyme that we would croon when younger, or the popular phrase often said that  Louis Armstrong along with Ella sang with attitude which said, "you say tomato and I say tomato?"

Some songs always seem to ring a bell and if heard, take a seat in the deep pockets of our hearts, because they still are part of who we are, even though time has passed and we have grown older and older and older.

Here are a few of them worth talking about.  

The Sound of Music

When only a young girl, I saw the movie Sound of Music for the first time and perhaps that was one of the things that pushed me to love music.  I’ll never forget watching Julie Andrews sing, “My Favorite Things” and that song always remained a favorite in my heart. From when in high school and my music teacher taught us it to sing as a choir to listening to John Coltrane beautifully play it with his saxophone and now, listening to Betty Carter do her thing with it on the 2010 release of The Audience with Betty Carter; each one with their own interpretation but performing it with beauty and grace.  Great tune and awesome renditions!

Rhyme & Reason

For the Love of Music
Who does not remember the ABC’s?  But who would ever consider adding it into a Gospel performance at church? 

Danielle Kelley did and had the entire church singing along with her.  Kind of cool when you think about it! It is a song that everyone knows that everyone could sing along to. But to get people to harmonize it and sing it like a choir, makes it a really interesting listen. The song “ABC’s” is only an outro on her album Conqueror, but when you hear a voice like hers with the ability she had to take authority over the old nursery rhyme,  you can imagine what the rest of Conqueror is like.

Themes & Melodies 

I’ll never forget watching Lucille Ball on her popular television show, working at a candy factory and stuffing all the chocolate in her pants, or each time her husband Ricky (Desi Arnaz) had a live performance with his band that she would try everything she had in her, to get on the stage with him.  Yet, not only was it the comedic episodes that we remember, but the theme song that preceded the funny scenes and the things we used to laugh and rave about. 

Carl Bartlett Jr took the theme song and added his umph to it in his album Hopeful and what a beautiful recreation.  Full of body and soul! All the energy and attitude you could imagine is featured in his rendition. Offers a great listen!

Toon Tune

With Marion Cowings after the
Jazz Vocal Workshop at Smalls
in Greenwich Village, NYC
Today I took a really great music class and I got a lot of useful information from it that hopefully I will earn to apply really soon. It was held at the Jazz Club Smalls located on West 10th Street in Greenwich Village, NY.

As I was in my car today coming home from the jazz vocal workshop with Marion Cowings, I popped in his CD Marion Cowings & Kenny Barron and couldn’t help but smile when I heard him singing the words to the theme song “The Flintstones.”

I still remembered all the words from that show about the modern stone-aged family. What a fun listen! Sometimes when you listen to a CD with tones of a good jazz vocalist using that hand-made by God instrument to sing about serious topics, a break from it with something fun like the toon tune is really great; brought back a lot of memories.

Ode to the Listen

Listening to these artists made me realize that music truly never does die. Even when from a cartoon, nursery rhyme or theme song of a television sitcom, they all have their way of coming back and drawing hearts.  Great music played by great artists always does. How pulchritudinous is that!!! 

Porter's Players

Cole Porter wrote one of my favorite tunes, "Just One of Those Things." I first heard it sung by one of my favorite jazz singers Sarah Vaughan. What a beautiful voice that diva had.  Strong and full of attitude and dynamics.  Not surprising with that great range of hers that she could sing opera. 

What I did not know was that, "Just One of Those Things" was first written in 1935 for the play Jubilee which became so popular, that it was and is considered a jazz standard in the American Songbook. 
So intrigued by the song, I decided to use it as the song that I would sing during the jazz vocal workshop today with Marion Cowings.  The following Youtube video is a clip of it. Please watch!

Thanks for stopping by and for supporting my blog!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Jazzy Headdress of Yesterday, Today and Marra

They say that fashion comes and makes its mark, and even after the craze dies down, comes back and makes an appearance again and the craze starts back and the story goes on.

I can agree with some of it. I mean, it was years ago when I remember high top sneakers were a big thing and the kids in the yard had to have them and all of a sudden, we see these high tops right back again.  I also remember all the polka dots, shear and leather that folks used to wear and now that is all you see at the stores. But that was only a short while ago when they appeared made a mark and started a fashion trend that died only to resurface. Sometimes keeping what we have is good because once they reappear, we can just pull them right back out of the closet and wear them all over again as if new.
One of my many headdresses

One of the styles that always intrigued me was the gear that women of jazz used to wear in their hair. The fashion of the twenties was awesome. I loved the big beautiful dresses that divas back then were wearing and all the nice headdress that they used to accessorize with. Billie Holliday with her begonias and other jazz greats with fancy hats or other head gear that used to add to their beautiful appearance and make their stage presence even more appealing to look at.
I love it and often find myself imitating their styles with different hair pieces that I come across including hats with flowers in it, flowers in my hair or fancy hair pieces that you do not see often worn. You can still find them at different shops making an appearance on a shelf near you and that is when they making their way into my basket, because they are definitely unique.
Dora Marra, Designer
The other day, a friend and I were walking up West Broadway and came across a table display of headdress accessories made by Dora Marra; all which were hand-made and very nice. It was almost as if being in a candy store to me.  Eye candy right at my fingertips.
I was totally blown away by all the different pieces that she had because they are so me. Flowers and feathers and other materials used to make the jazziest headdress pieces ever.
One of Dora Marra's Pieces
Marra has a store in Greenwich Village and also does art festivals, crafts shows and more.  I have to say that it was a little easier and okay for my own self to wear them before cutting my hair, but since transitioning from long to short hair I haven't been and wore more hats instead. Now though, I am not so self-conscious with the short hair about wearing headdresses anymore after trying on a couple of Marra's displayed items. 
Perhaps it was her warm and welcoming spirit that lead me to this point or possibly all the eye candy I saw peaking at me from the table.  Quite possibly at one of my next events, I might have one of her head pieces on and look forward to that.

If you are interested in seeing Marra’s work, visit her shop at 159 Bleecker Street in NYC, NY or email for a list of her upcoming arts and crafts shows.   

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poettues:We Have Entered Into a New Season

It is Poettues and while it is early and time is on my side, I felt like writing. So here is a poem to celebrate the passing of the old season and entering the new. Like Summer and Fall or like our old beings into our new characters. I guess in truth, the one thing that never changes is change.

Poettues: We Have Entered Into a New Season

Whenever we go to the ends of the road
Seems like we are left with a heavy load
Full of woe and weeping only for the moment
A heart full of hurt needing consolement
But then we move away from the then time
Because there still is this truth inside
That life was before and still is now
And there is still straight ahead to continue on route
And then the day turns to nigh and new is born
And you realize that you survived the storm
And that God was there to help you through
And that yesterday did not break you
And you carry on to the next
With attitude and HD effects
Never allowing time to not believe
Because those faithful moments we seem to achieve
And the music speaks to our song and dance
Not the same old but ones of circumstance
And we chance the rhythm and melody
And we harmonize to the flow and to the new beat
And life seems better a the day goes by
Because of the soulfulness it leaves on the inside
For better than the day goes by with reason
We have entered into a new season

(c) Stephanie Jeannot

Monday, September 23, 2013

Music Monday: Happy Birthday John Coltrane

Music never seems to grow old. There is always a song being played that even if a thousand and eighty five years old claims somebody's heart. I guess that is what is so special about the music that we listen to. Beautiful in every way and flows as peaceful as a river through our ears and into our hearts and souls.

John Coltrane has one of those effects on me. Exciting music in every way.  Sounds so sweet they taste like red velvet cake to the ears.  Music so calming, you could listen to it and forget about all your worries for a moment.  Tones so deep that you feel like expressing yourself through songwriting or poetry. Riffs so rich you want to harmonize with them, singing. Music so inspiring that children all over the world find interest in instruments like the saxophone, learn to play and then never put their instruments down for the rest of their lives. He definitely was a great in my heart and I totally appreciate all the music that he has allowed people like you and me to listen to. 

This post all came about for two reasons. I heard that today, September 23, was John Coltrane's birthday and also, it is Music Monday. What a great day to listen and let it sink in?  And what a day to write something special that is on your heart and set it to song? And what a great day to listen to some great tunes and dance to the end of love with it blaring in the background? What a day to celebrate and pay respect to his beautiful talent?

God bless you John Coltrane. You were truly a great. And your melodies still linger on.


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Monday, September 9, 2013

Tales from a Disgruntled Singer

"Having been taken away from you for a short time in presence, not in heart,
endeavored more eagerly to see your face with great desire" (1 Thessalonians 2:17)
Photo courtesy of David A Powell
The most awful thing happened to me. I lost my voice. Who would have thought years of people telling me not to scream or to overdo it would come and put a blockade in my journey forward? I guess they were right huh! Sometimes you have to take advice from people coming and saying a word or two that might actually be helpful with a grain of salt. So here are some of the things I have learned in the past few days:
1. Like any other muscle, the vocal cords need to be stretched and warmed-up before putting heavy strain on it; as in performance mode.
2. After a good workout in the gym, we need a decent amount of sleep. Eight hours is preferred but definitely more than three.  In order for the body to repair itself, it needs to be rested, relaxed and must not be neglected.
3. The microphone is a singers best friend. Because it amplifies the voice, it is not necessary for the singer to scream into it. I'm not saying don't sing with force but not necessarily holler. Just sing.
4. Humming and hissing are great vocal exercises to do to increase breath control and range. Humming is great to help to repair some of the damage that might have been done and hissing could help bring the flow of oxygen back into that upper register, if it has been compromised.
Collage courtesy of Jason Murphee
5. Practicing by a keyboard is really great. Helpful to the ear. But that's only the half. Rehearse, even on your own, with the lyrics because you might find out you have been singing the wrong lyrics all along if your ear did not grasp exactly what was being vocalized. Practice, practice, practice is so important.
6. Listening is good too. You do not have to sing along to every song. Listen to what the greats like Melonie Daniels, Sarah Vaughn and Diana Krall do, let it sink in and then sing.
7. There is so much more to music than what we hear on the radio today. My friend just advised me to listen to Dianne Reeves and another said to listen to Anastasia. Pretty good I must say. I have been coming across so much beautiful music in the past few days it is crazy. But I am loving it and also enjoying it.
8. Lastly, music is universal. I recently saw a video a friend posted on my facebook wall entitled, "What Are You Listening To" from the Berklee School of Music and what a range of songs from all different genres. Here is the link: It was wonderful. I've learned from that (even though I was already, very minimally though) that sometimes stepping out the box to do something different than our signature is not such a bad thing. Like for me now, with my voice being compromised and all, I am suffering some woes. Definitely a great time to start crooning some of them old Ida Cox or Bessie Smith blues tunes. Never thought I'd enjoy listening to the blues and for the first time, I've downloaded and am listening and enjoying what I hear. Who knew? Definitely making me snicker for some of them there lyrics being sung while also making me feel a whole lot better. Looking forward to trying something new.

I am definitely eager to see the full range of my voice return back so that I can again use it in the way that God intended.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Harmony (A Poem & A Song)

The Soul Original Flow
I know!
The soul holds the know of the core zone
And in it, these melodies it unfolds
That for years been created but unknown
A singer with a writing hand on a roll
All relaxed after a nice and well deserved vacation
I had this mere musical sensation
To get on board and do what's only right
To sing those songs that I claim as mine
For I have the ability to pen and rhyme
And breathe a tune into this mere life
So why not let the world know
That I am more than a cover but an original show
And to see the responses I get from them
Is so encouraging, I want to do it again and again.
So here is just one of the many that I've written
I hope into your heart, my song will be fitting
Introducing to you,
Harmony, my song I shared on Youtube.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is this thing, called Jazz?

Who knew that when you say that you are changing that it is because you have already changed and there are more changes on the way?

It all started when I was in high school. Not so far fetched of a thought to say that my sister was one of the coolest people on the planet to me.  She was beautiful, strong, a music lover, had such a great personality and she also rapped and even had a voice to sing.  I was always a music lover but never thought about listening to jazz music until she told me that it was really good to listen to while studying because it enhances your ability to remember.  I guess that is when I started listening to jazz. If for nothing else, something to carry into college years and beyond; especially since I was then in the twelfth grade when jazz creeped into my heart.

My love for it has never died. I like instrumental jazz a lot and also vocal jazz. Nothing like listening to Dizzy Gillespie with his Bossa Nova grooves or John Coltrane saxily play a song I learned to loved from my favorite movie (The Sound of Music). I cannot deny that even from then as I did, music had become one of my Favorite Things. I also appreciated Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae and I am really loving Sarah Vaughn and Shirley Bassey. I just never expected to sing some of the standards they sang. But then a blessing came and changed my whole idea of singing and all of a sudden, I am singing a genre of music that I loved but really never experimented with until now.

Picture courtesy of Photographer David A. Powell
Okay maybe I did not consider the jazziness in me, as I am a member of the Medgar Evers College Jazz Ensemble.  I guess you can say I am still changing, trying to gain more confidence in this hand-made instrument God applied to my fearfully and wonderfully made being. Great to know that God is not through with me yet and I am glad about it. Thank you Lord. God is good!!!

As I said, I am new at this. I still have my training wheels on, but I'll be able to ride without them one day.  Which is why I am asking for your support.  If you got time, come out to one of the next events where I will be singing jazz. Hopefully, I won't disappoint you.

UpComing Events

Jazz with Attitude is every Wednesday Night including this upcoming Wednesday, July 31, 2013 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Hosted by tenor saxophonist Jeff Sheloff and keyboardist Wayne Holmes.  This event takes place at 217-01 Linden Blvd in the Cambria Heights section of Queens, NY.  I will be the featured artist there trying not to pretend to know how to really scat.  LOL!

Me and Lowell Hawthorne,
Founder of Golden Krust Bakeries
This Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 5:45 PM, please join me in front of the state building in Harlem, NY on W. 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd for the Harlem Summer Stage Jazz Night.  I will be doing a short set of jazz songs there.

My First Jazz Quartet Event

Today I had an opportunity to sing at an event at the home of the founder of Golden Krust, Lowell Hawthorne. It was a scholarship fundraiser by the Golden Krust Foundation raising money to further education and it was some what of my first jazz event.  When I say I am new to this, it was such a blessing to do two sets of jazz tunes with a trio of musicians, bassist Kim Clarke, keyboardist Prrrl and tenor saxophonist Herb Williams. Please watch this clip of one of the songs we did together at this event. What I appreciate about this song is the Name, "I Hear Music;" carries so much meaning in simply the title.

One thing that has not changed in all of this is that music is still my first love.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Music Production, God & HTML

Who knew I would actually enjoy spending my time editing and building websites?

It was one of those days. I was in the studio with my boy Predada Severa and we were working on this Hip Hop track; this was back in the days when I thought I could rhyme pretty well and was writing rhymes and spitting them.

I guess I should have been in the production room watching the engineer putting the track together so I could do those same things in my own studio, but instead, I found this book on the bookshelf and got caught up. It was on basic HTML. Something made me pull out my pen and notebook to jot down things that I thought would help me to build my own and ever since, I have had knowledge of the basic components of HTML. I guess I have always been into this creating thing. I was already making flyers, pamphlets and had originally wanted to create an on-line magazine which was why I decided to major in English for my undergraduate degree. 

My basic knowledge of HTML and also acquiring bits of CSS, Java Script and DHTML lead me to trying to apply it which was what I did when I created my very first websites back in the day and then my most recent one which was actually a way of trying to refresh and to try to remember some of the codes I had learned when I first picked up that HTML book. What a blessing to have been able to use it for the purpose of my artistry? 

I know what some people will say. It is not a Godly thing to brag about the blessings that he gave you. Stephanie thinks she is all that because she keeps trying to prove to everybody that she is good.  Stephanie must not have anything better to do.  Why is she doing all this herself?  Blessings come to those who are humble and use their anointings to do God's work. 

I have this relationship with God and we communicate a lot daily.  I work hard to simply try to let the light that he sparked in me to shine through. For example, when I was directing the youth choir at Mt Moriah and refusing to allow myself to be defeated by my own doubts, I missed sleep for three months so that I could write and produce a Gospel album of original material featuring 13 tracks with the purpose of sharing it with the children and with a hope that they would want to sing my songs at church. It was an effort and it was alright for a beginner at production but satisfying to have reached a goal. I Believe the album was born and guess what, some of the kids actually liked it and wanted to sing some of the songs, which made me happy.

In the Bible, talents were a form of payment that was given.  Imagine getting paid by our Lord and Savior with the blessing of a talent and using it to do something positive. The Bible also said to not hide it away but to use it for his glory. So I decided not to hide it and to use it and to share it in every manner that God allows.  I think it is important as an individual to have your own identity and to not be afraid of who you are because we were all hand-crafted individually and uniquely.

And so, my website JNOTE was designed with the hope that you would visit once and revisit again and again and again and again. Hopefully you will. I'm praying on it. Here is the link:
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long winded story. While you might feel the wind of it go past your face, I feel the blessings of your investment of five minutes of your day with me. I truly appreciate you!

Monday, June 10, 2013

View SJ1and0 on Youtube

Hey. My name is Stephanie Jeannot, singer from Brooklyn who is loving the idea of sharing the talent that God blessed me with. Given the opportunity, I'm wherever God opens the door for me. Continuously praying for many more blessings.

This is how I see Youtube; an opportunity not only to look back and see how I can improve what I love doing most, but to share with others who are willing to watch and listen.

So here it is; my Youtube channel.

I do a lot of covers and some of my originals are on there too. Hopefully you will see something you enjoy.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Before and After: How to Lose and How to Maintain

Who knew that setting an actual goal when it came to fitness that it would make a difference in your life? Seven months later and 65 pounds later, I know that now.

What did it take? A lot of prayer to stay on the right track, exercising even when I did not have a companion to go with me or when I was feeling lazy or tired and sacrificing foods that were my favorites that were not the best foods to put in my mouth. 

Who said I don’t eat?  I eat a balanced diet. I eat a lot but I do not eat everything.  It is crazy to know that food can be a killer of a person.  So what is stopping a person from controlling their eating habits to keep oneself healthy and free from having to be forced to take medicines?  We have all the power in us to decide that I do not need that extra cookie or I can let go of the extra-large soda and drink extra-large water instead.

Am I on a diet?  A diet is any of the foods that you decide to put on your plate. If it is pork chops with potato au gratin every day,  that is your diet. I have a lifestyle that I am maintaining and have been able to keep.  It works for me and that is how I flow through the food business. It is all about portion control, limiting and knowing how to really read those nutritional labels. Habits can easily be broken and where there is the will, there is the way.  In order to change your life you need to change your ways. I did that and hopefully will never go back. It is still a process that requires prayer, as when I started this whole thing. 

Have I reached my goal? My first goal was to keep my body from getting sick which it was and I met that goal.  MY next goal was to try to maintain a workout regime and I actually do workout at least five days a week; maybe even more sometimes.  After I did that, I looked in my draw and saw that I had a shirt in it with tags that I had been keeping for about six years that I have been dying to wear but after gaining all my weight back the last time, it never fit.  I met that goal just recently. Now, I want to maintain and maybe if possible, lose about another 10-15 pounds and I will be exactly where I need to be.  I am in a good place already and very motivated so I think I can do it.  If you think you can, you do. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Benefits of Choosing Plan B

Ever since my accident, I’ve been seeing things in a slightly different light.

For one, I have come to realize that in everything there is a lesson learned. Even when the situation leaves a person physically drained or to the point of tears, there is a reason why that particular occurrence came and altered our world. I realize now that there should always be a plan B. If I had considered plan B then, what happened could have been prevented. But what can one do after plan A fails? The important thing though is to get your groove back, no matter what.

I can honestly say that confusion hurled at me in every direction. My accident actually started pruning the branches of my sanity a little bit and tears would creep in overtaking the beauty of the smile that God gave me. All the almosts and could haves that could have happened that night pointed me opposite of the direction of the sun. But hey; my life was spared which is the important thing and I’m here another day to celebrate that fact alone.

I am thankful! Family and friends shared with me love that intoxicated my spirit; more helpful than I could have ever imagined.  But it was one comment in particular that left me with a moment of thought.  I was asked about traveling around the city and I explained that I no longer had a car, so would be taking public transportation or walking and the response was, “walking is good for you.” That statement alone created a lasting impression that has changed my life forever.

Not a rain cloud in the sky could have stopped me from deciding at that moment to walk. That was when I took the walking path of the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and walked about four miles in.  I had always wanted to walk over the bridge and finally, I accomplished it and got time to release all the energy that was baffling me and even got a storm of lyrics that came to my mind from my one-on-one walk with God. I can say that the initial walk helped me to stop showing my hurt over my experience like a display of trophies and instead grasp the Lord’s love and wear it like a royal crown. For what is the profit of crying when a smile can help brighten someone else’s day?  Something learned.

Who knew that walking the Brooklyn Bridge would become my new obsession? In one week, I’ve walked it three times. The last time was a plan B.

See, I was supposed to go to the gym and had packed all my gym things before I'd left for work with the intention of going after work. When I was all set and ready, I realized that I forgot my lock for my locker.  I am not one to carry around bags with me to each machine and settle them down wherever someone is not working out. Good thing I had an alternate plan. 

I still needed to get my workout in. Ever since I started my fitness quest, working out has become a major part of my life and so I try to get some in every day if I am able. I decided to walk and again took the path of the Brooklyn Bridge like the two prior times but this time with the intention of making it to the front door of my house. After seven miles of walking at a nice, steady pace, I made it home safely and beat the rain. How great is that!  

If I had followed through on plan A, it would have been good.  I would have did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, 20 minutes on the stationary bike and then I would have walked on the treadmill for about 10, burning about 850 calories or so. But because the alternate plan had to be taken instead, I got to travel and inhale God’s fresh air, walk all-terrain over all the natural inclines the earth has to offer, capture some great images of the beautiful scenery that NYC has to offer and still burn over 600 calories from my 140 minutes of walking. Who could beat that? 

Walking really is good for you and what many do not realize is that not only can it help to bring down that hard to loose belly but just thirty minutes a day of walking can improve your health status. Another thing that people do not realize is that you cannot tell me anything because my energy has increased so much that I am ready to act at every motivational item that is hammered at me. Maybe I’ll do it again soon because it was great.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At the mouth of death (A Poem)

At the mouth of death
These intoxicating thoughts
Just hit you like a car cruising head-on
Straight into the crushing metals of a truck
All you feel is your percussions rapidly pump
Your eyes opened wide now and reality smashes into you
Maybe the jaws of death weren’t watering for you
And then you consider the head and the tale of the matter
Your mind hurled away and in every direction thoughts scatter
And through it the rain just keeps pouring down faster
So confused you don’t even know how to mix into the next moment’s batter
And you feel numb to the world like frost bit your fingers
while walking gloveless over the Brooklyn Bridge as free as a soul singer
You reached to your destination and are alive knowing you’ve been kept
So blessed and yet still feeling so numb that from life you seem absent
The grip of despair and doubt got a hold of your spirit trying to yank it away
You can let go of God’s unchanging hand or use faith as a weapon to scale his new day
For despite the metals of your heart crushed and left in mountains that pile on
God pulled you out so put on your armor and shield of faith that is stronger than iron
For even though gripped emotionally, you are here in the land of the living
Continue to love, heal, grow and in all you do, be thankful for your blessings

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Sunday Moment: Acknowledging your Blessings

If you have doubts that God truly is who he is, come to a point in your life when you are just so confused by everything that occurred at that particular moment that the only thing you know that kept you is God.

You can cry about it and not let go of your situations or you can laugh at the amazing wonder of God who had his hand in seeing you through. If you can walk away from your tests and trials, hold your head up high and be thankful for it.

No reason to doubt in who you are when you are God's. The person God fearfully and wonderfully made you to be, he calls beautiful and also said that you should stand still and allow him to handle the rest.

If you awaken, smile knowing it could have been you like the many others who didn't awaken and did not make it to a new day in the land of the living. There are so many reasons to be thankful. Be sure to acknowledge your blessings because God's love continues to flow abundantly into your life and also you've been kept for a reason.

Never fail to remember or to move your hand from within his grasp, and thank God for it all.