Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Series of Four Poems

In the mood for some poetry after reading some Claude McKay works today in my Literary Theory class. And so I got into the mindset of writing and I came up with a few poems that just seemed to flow right out of my spirit.  Hope you enjoy the poems; it's a series of four.


Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity meant to be in my destiny

Eventually I’ll get used to falling down because I know that I will rise again like the sun rises

Remembering and holding on only adds weight onto yesterday’s tomorrow

Enough crying about it and move on without the grief and the silly sorrows

Not enough time in the day to spend dwelling when you should be climbing up mountains

Change your mind about who you are and let the positivity flow right in

Everything will be alright if you believe that everyday God makes comes with new blessings.



Life has no guarantees only maybes that can be shady if you are late being an opportunist

Only time can tell if when you ring the bell the door will open well into your goals and dreams

Visions of love come easy for some and can make you feel numb if not grasping it

Energy stills and the heart becomes filled with the love and the will to shine like sun beams


Boy at the drums is the sum of half of pi whip lashing to remember the beautiful image

Energy was so cool; my eyes were glued to his musically enticed hands on demand by the ears

All around the room were profiles but he was the only one my eyes saw in time and space

Unusual attitude; I wished in those few minutes to know his name and to know his cares

Towering man with broad shoulder stance and pulse pumping hands; its feel I can’t erase

Image just sweet with a style that completes this woman that I am; I just wanted him near

Far from perfect but wonderfully made I am, 24/7 in memory, the image of his face

Under sunlight and moon, wished to fly out this cocoon into the arms of that beautiful man there

Love like that which cupid’s arrow evolves hit me when his eyes dissolved into my time and space

Life has never been the same since and all I do is think about the possibilities that float in the air

Yesterday he smiled and I felt this warmth like fire inside; my spirit so moved by the groove of he who God fearfully made



By the grace of God I am here with so many things to be thankful for

Looking all around at life that he allowed to blossom like an oak tree into the beauty I’ve become

Every day is a reason to stand up and praise him for his mercies; I’ve been kept one day more

Shout from the roof tops of the mercies of the Lord and sing of his majesty

Say a prayer for you and for me and dwell in his love that flows abundantly

Enter into each day with a positive mind and the joy that resides there internally

Dance into the moment and shine God’s love generously like God would to you and to me.  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Poem: On the Brink of Knowing

To be on the brink of knowing
Is to have a grip on the joys of reality
If joy resides there
And you find your share of monstrous melodies
And chemistries
Then you may vividly demonstrate positivity
That flows like a river into a bank
To be at the brink of uncertainty
Is almost like doing everything half-heartedly
If you live with a shade of doubt
And find your mind on distant thoughts
Even to fall short
Where the moon had its doors open to your dreams
That once had your faith as strong as a rock
To be in the grip of the Savior
Is to rely on the Lord’s mercies and favor
If you believe to be a simple part of something larger than you
And instead of losing the heart to fight, you kneel
And let your voice carry far in prayer
And the sunshine in the blue of the skies meet you there
As you use doubt as your stepping stool to reach for the stars

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

400 Calories in 20 Minutes? True or False

Okay!  I do not know how true this is because I literally just started working with my kettlebells last Friday and this is still one of my first couple of workouts using them.

Within a few minutes of the kettlebell swings, my air passages open up and I am breathing like I never breathed before; literally.  I know my heart is truly thanking me for this one because it is pure oxygen sifting through my body with each and every swing.

After about ten minutes, I am sweating almost as if I just did a half hour of a hi/lo aerobics class.  The burn is great; I mean, I have learned to love anything fitness and the circuits I have used thus far have been awesome. One was Kettlebell 3-in-1 for Absolute Beginners DVD and I also found a few kettlebell workouts on Youtube which were helpful. One of them that I liked a lot so far was Blender Beginner Kettlebell 30 Minute Workout. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pDMOIlPLFE

I visited several websites looking for answers about this new technique I'm doing and each one says within 20 minutes, you lose 400 calories.  I am not saying it is true, but I am questioning the validity of this number. I did 45 minutes of a kettlebell circuit. Are you telling me that I have burned over 800 calories in that short span of time? Seems pretty high I must say.

I might be wrong and may be misled a little to think that it is possible because of how much sweating and heavy breathing you do, almost as if you were running on a treadmill. Nonetheless, I find kettlebell workouts to be wonderful and I am definitely going to be doing these circuits often. Cardio, core and strength training all in one. I love it!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kiss My Nouveau Nail Dresses

It takes a particular set of skills to be able to work on a person’s nails, whether the nails are on your hands or on your feet, and make them as spectacular as a client wants them to be.


That is why I usually refer to the experts. I can try to paint my own nails or to do my own manicure or pedicure and they will come out okay only with nail polish stains being left outside of the nail and on my skin and often not with the smooth finish that my nail tech can help me to have.


That was my hope for New Year’s Eve. I got so caught up in Pinterest’s many different nail designs I’ve seen that I went to the nail salon fueled with the desire to bedazzle these hands of mine. I did not ask for a rainbow of colors on my nails. I did not request an image of the new Barclay Center on each of my nails to make sure that I was representing BK to the fullest. No, I asked for a simple design. I showed her a few of them actually.  Her response; my nails were too short.  I got my nails nicely manicured, painted and with a design of her choice instead, but it was definitely not what my heart was set on. 

Too short?  Okay, I admit, I’m not into the fake nails thing. I have gotten my nails wrapped before but noticed after a while my natural nails are left with the rings of fire on them. So I prefer to keep my nails short and looking neat and most of the time, with clear nail polish as opposed to a color that will only chip in about two days.

But then, I remembered using a type of nail design that was simple to do at home and not a bad price considering that it allowed for more than one application.  The product is called Kiss Nail Dress and it was perfect for my short nails.


New Nouveau Nail Dresses by Kiss
There are so many different designs to choose from that I was overwhelmed. Each package comes with 28 strips which is just about enough for two applications or maybe even three. It also comes with a nail buffer. The cost is about nine bucks which can be the cost of just one manicure with a design.  This product allows for the more and you can’t beat that.


The best thing about it, all it required was about five minutes of my time to apply it and bam, my nails looked as if I just left the salon. What is so cool about these nail dresses is that they are stickers.  You simply take the sticker off the page, place it on your nail bed and file it down to size.  There is no nail polish to use or heat required. You stick them on, file them down and are ready to go with professional looking nails.


One of my goals of 2013 is to appreciate all the things that God has done for me. He gave me short nails that I simply adore enough to have adorned them with Kiss Nail Dresses and they look fabulous.

Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been employed by the company who makes and/or distributes the Kiss brand. I was not nor have I ever been hired to write or distribute information based on their product. I am however a consumer with an opinion with a willingness to share product information based on my usage and experience.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

T Core Fitness Trainer

Every now and then as we are watching television, an infomercial about a product will be shown on the screen that you think would be a great item for your home; you know the ones I talk of? They are always for just $9.99.
I decided to try one of those As Seen on TV exercise equipment I found in the store called the
T Core. Let me tell you; I did not think that my body could be this sore after using it for like ten minutes but it is.

It is easy to assemble with only three pieces that need to be screwed together. What I think is really great about the item is that you can adjust the resistance on your workouts for 40 lbs, 80 lbs, or 120 lbs.  I tried the 40 lbs and 80 lbs resistance workouts. 
The T Core has three positions for working out. You can sit it on your lap to do upper ab workout, sit it on your lap and sit in a upward crunch position for a lower ab workout or place it at your side and in a twisted position, work on your obliques.

I found it easy to use, adjust and do the movements. So easy to use that you might overdo it thinking you have superpowers and hurt yourself. But a great piece of equipment to have.  

The T Core also came with an instructional DVD and a six minute workout that might be cool to do. I mean six minutes is such a small span of time to do a workout, so it is convenient. This is my second time trying it and I really like it. They suggest using it on a daily basis which I will attempt because it is a simple strength training workout and I like it.
Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been employed by the company who makes and/or distributes the T Core fitness device.  I was not nor have I ever been hired to write or distribute information based on their product. I am however a consumer with an opinion with a willingness to share product information based on my usage and experience.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Musically Meaningful Recycling in Happy 2013

What a clever and beautiful way to make use of old instruments and musical things!
I think I was in complete awe looking at this picture and seeing remains of an old piano, drumset, saxaphone, record player, albums and more.  How many actual albums do we still own that are sitting and collecting dust that haven't been played or listened to in our own homes for a while?  Who would have thought of such a nice way to recycle them and make it meaningful? Talk about recycle. 
This amazing piece of artwork sits on one of the many walls of Skylight Gallery in the Restoration Center located at 1368 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY and was the exact image I needed to see to commence 2013.
Culture never dies. It continues on and regardless of who we are, we take a piece of our culture with us wherever we are and wherever we go. 2013 is a year that I can see with good things ready to happen.  But in order to do that, room must be made for it to be able to fit into the busy lives that we lead.  This image suggests that, letting out the old and letting in the new but keeping remnants of the old to make new and better images happen.

We do not have to carry around bad memories and take it into the future. No, we can let them go and allow new and better thoughts to fill our minds. We do not have to continue to collect clutter and allow it to overtake the beauty of your home. No, you can recycle them into something new.  We do not have to hold on to heart aches and pains that do not serve us well. No, we can open up the gateways to God’s love and let him fill your heart with unconditional joys.

Hopefully, 2013 will be a prosperous and joyful year for you. 2013 is going to be a great year. Happy new year to you and yours!