Tuesday, January 15, 2013

400 Calories in 20 Minutes? True or False

Okay!  I do not know how true this is because I literally just started working with my kettlebells last Friday and this is still one of my first couple of workouts using them.

Within a few minutes of the kettlebell swings, my air passages open up and I am breathing like I never breathed before; literally.  I know my heart is truly thanking me for this one because it is pure oxygen sifting through my body with each and every swing.

After about ten minutes, I am sweating almost as if I just did a half hour of a hi/lo aerobics class.  The burn is great; I mean, I have learned to love anything fitness and the circuits I have used thus far have been awesome. One was Kettlebell 3-in-1 for Absolute Beginners DVD and I also found a few kettlebell workouts on Youtube which were helpful. One of them that I liked a lot so far was Blender Beginner Kettlebell 30 Minute Workout. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pDMOIlPLFE

I visited several websites looking for answers about this new technique I'm doing and each one says within 20 minutes, you lose 400 calories.  I am not saying it is true, but I am questioning the validity of this number. I did 45 minutes of a kettlebell circuit. Are you telling me that I have burned over 800 calories in that short span of time? Seems pretty high I must say.

I might be wrong and may be misled a little to think that it is possible because of how much sweating and heavy breathing you do, almost as if you were running on a treadmill. Nonetheless, I find kettlebell workouts to be wonderful and I am definitely going to be doing these circuits often. Cardio, core and strength training all in one. I love it!

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