Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Series of Four Poems

In the mood for some poetry after reading some Claude McKay works today in my Literary Theory class. And so I got into the mindset of writing and I came up with a few poems that just seemed to flow right out of my spirit.  Hope you enjoy the poems; it's a series of four.


Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity meant to be in my destiny

Eventually I’ll get used to falling down because I know that I will rise again like the sun rises

Remembering and holding on only adds weight onto yesterday’s tomorrow

Enough crying about it and move on without the grief and the silly sorrows

Not enough time in the day to spend dwelling when you should be climbing up mountains

Change your mind about who you are and let the positivity flow right in

Everything will be alright if you believe that everyday God makes comes with new blessings.



Life has no guarantees only maybes that can be shady if you are late being an opportunist

Only time can tell if when you ring the bell the door will open well into your goals and dreams

Visions of love come easy for some and can make you feel numb if not grasping it

Energy stills and the heart becomes filled with the love and the will to shine like sun beams


Boy at the drums is the sum of half of pi whip lashing to remember the beautiful image

Energy was so cool; my eyes were glued to his musically enticed hands on demand by the ears

All around the room were profiles but he was the only one my eyes saw in time and space

Unusual attitude; I wished in those few minutes to know his name and to know his cares

Towering man with broad shoulder stance and pulse pumping hands; its feel I can’t erase

Image just sweet with a style that completes this woman that I am; I just wanted him near

Far from perfect but wonderfully made I am, 24/7 in memory, the image of his face

Under sunlight and moon, wished to fly out this cocoon into the arms of that beautiful man there

Love like that which cupid’s arrow evolves hit me when his eyes dissolved into my time and space

Life has never been the same since and all I do is think about the possibilities that float in the air

Yesterday he smiled and I felt this warmth like fire inside; my spirit so moved by the groove of he who God fearfully made



By the grace of God I am here with so many things to be thankful for

Looking all around at life that he allowed to blossom like an oak tree into the beauty I’ve become

Every day is a reason to stand up and praise him for his mercies; I’ve been kept one day more

Shout from the roof tops of the mercies of the Lord and sing of his majesty

Say a prayer for you and for me and dwell in his love that flows abundantly

Enter into each day with a positive mind and the joy that resides there internally

Dance into the moment and shine God’s love generously like God would to you and to me.  

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