Friday, January 4, 2013

Kiss My Nouveau Nail Dresses

It takes a particular set of skills to be able to work on a person’s nails, whether the nails are on your hands or on your feet, and make them as spectacular as a client wants them to be.


That is why I usually refer to the experts. I can try to paint my own nails or to do my own manicure or pedicure and they will come out okay only with nail polish stains being left outside of the nail and on my skin and often not with the smooth finish that my nail tech can help me to have.


That was my hope for New Year’s Eve. I got so caught up in Pinterest’s many different nail designs I’ve seen that I went to the nail salon fueled with the desire to bedazzle these hands of mine. I did not ask for a rainbow of colors on my nails. I did not request an image of the new Barclay Center on each of my nails to make sure that I was representing BK to the fullest. No, I asked for a simple design. I showed her a few of them actually.  Her response; my nails were too short.  I got my nails nicely manicured, painted and with a design of her choice instead, but it was definitely not what my heart was set on. 

Too short?  Okay, I admit, I’m not into the fake nails thing. I have gotten my nails wrapped before but noticed after a while my natural nails are left with the rings of fire on them. So I prefer to keep my nails short and looking neat and most of the time, with clear nail polish as opposed to a color that will only chip in about two days.

But then, I remembered using a type of nail design that was simple to do at home and not a bad price considering that it allowed for more than one application.  The product is called Kiss Nail Dress and it was perfect for my short nails.


New Nouveau Nail Dresses by Kiss
There are so many different designs to choose from that I was overwhelmed. Each package comes with 28 strips which is just about enough for two applications or maybe even three. It also comes with a nail buffer. The cost is about nine bucks which can be the cost of just one manicure with a design.  This product allows for the more and you can’t beat that.


The best thing about it, all it required was about five minutes of my time to apply it and bam, my nails looked as if I just left the salon. What is so cool about these nail dresses is that they are stickers.  You simply take the sticker off the page, place it on your nail bed and file it down to size.  There is no nail polish to use or heat required. You stick them on, file them down and are ready to go with professional looking nails.


One of my goals of 2013 is to appreciate all the things that God has done for me. He gave me short nails that I simply adore enough to have adorned them with Kiss Nail Dresses and they look fabulous.

Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been employed by the company who makes and/or distributes the Kiss brand. I was not nor have I ever been hired to write or distribute information based on their product. I am however a consumer with an opinion with a willingness to share product information based on my usage and experience.

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