Saturday, January 19, 2013

Poem: On the Brink of Knowing

To be on the brink of knowing
Is to have a grip on the joys of reality
If joy resides there
And you find your share of monstrous melodies
And chemistries
Then you may vividly demonstrate positivity
That flows like a river into a bank
To be at the brink of uncertainty
Is almost like doing everything half-heartedly
If you live with a shade of doubt
And find your mind on distant thoughts
Even to fall short
Where the moon had its doors open to your dreams
That once had your faith as strong as a rock
To be in the grip of the Savior
Is to rely on the Lord’s mercies and favor
If you believe to be a simple part of something larger than you
And instead of losing the heart to fight, you kneel
And let your voice carry far in prayer
And the sunshine in the blue of the skies meet you there
As you use doubt as your stepping stool to reach for the stars

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