Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reasons to Smile: A Poem and a Song

Lately I have been holding a bit of doubt in my heart that I can admit was self-driven.

I often have visions of the way that I would have hoped life would be and the mere fact that it isn’t kills my spirit. One of those things was love even though God is love.  The others were singing and music as a whole. It got so crazy to the point that I even stopped listening to music period, even though I love it more than food. 

But then I realized that God has blessed me in so many ways. How could I deny myself the very things I love and how could I not acknowledge the good things that he has done for me and how could I not be thankful for the joy he allows me to feel internally?  And then, these words came to my mind and I started writing them down and here they are; “Reasons to Smile: A Poem And A Song”. Hope you find it in your heart to read it and listen. I pray these words might bless your heart.

Reasons to Smile: A Poem and a Song
by Stephanie Jeannot

Waves of time I ride blind
with the eyes of God holding me down
even when no one is around
he is there and so I shout of his goodness aloud
for he has kept me in the land of the living
and transformed everything around my world
and life unfurls from the wings of my bosom
I’m a child of God and his good news must be heard
For with him all things are possible
what is the profit of crying when he carries the weight
let the joy he gives flow from inside out
and let go of your unnecessary doubts and replace it with faith
Pray about it and leave it there in God’s hands
influence a generation of conquerors with your new ways
and never let go of his unchanging hands
for his mercy which endureths forever shall never change
So be mindful that the Lord is there and cares for you
that in truth, God has your back and will never leave your side
steady your feet on the ground and know his truth
for if you’ve been down, there is a good reason to smile

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