Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At the mouth of death (A Poem)

At the mouth of death
These intoxicating thoughts
Just hit you like a car cruising head-on
Straight into the crushing metals of a truck
All you feel is your percussions rapidly pump
Your eyes opened wide now and reality smashes into you
Maybe the jaws of death weren’t watering for you
And then you consider the head and the tale of the matter
Your mind hurled away and in every direction thoughts scatter
And through it the rain just keeps pouring down faster
So confused you don’t even know how to mix into the next moment’s batter
And you feel numb to the world like frost bit your fingers
while walking gloveless over the Brooklyn Bridge as free as a soul singer
You reached to your destination and are alive knowing you’ve been kept
So blessed and yet still feeling so numb that from life you seem absent
The grip of despair and doubt got a hold of your spirit trying to yank it away
You can let go of God’s unchanging hand or use faith as a weapon to scale his new day
For despite the metals of your heart crushed and left in mountains that pile on
God pulled you out so put on your armor and shield of faith that is stronger than iron
For even though gripped emotionally, you are here in the land of the living
Continue to love, heal, grow and in all you do, be thankful for your blessings

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