Sunday, March 24, 2013

Before and After: How to Lose and How to Maintain

Who knew that setting an actual goal when it came to fitness that it would make a difference in your life? Seven months later and 65 pounds later, I know that now.

What did it take? A lot of prayer to stay on the right track, exercising even when I did not have a companion to go with me or when I was feeling lazy or tired and sacrificing foods that were my favorites that were not the best foods to put in my mouth. 

Who said I don’t eat?  I eat a balanced diet. I eat a lot but I do not eat everything.  It is crazy to know that food can be a killer of a person.  So what is stopping a person from controlling their eating habits to keep oneself healthy and free from having to be forced to take medicines?  We have all the power in us to decide that I do not need that extra cookie or I can let go of the extra-large soda and drink extra-large water instead.

Am I on a diet?  A diet is any of the foods that you decide to put on your plate. If it is pork chops with potato au gratin every day,  that is your diet. I have a lifestyle that I am maintaining and have been able to keep.  It works for me and that is how I flow through the food business. It is all about portion control, limiting and knowing how to really read those nutritional labels. Habits can easily be broken and where there is the will, there is the way.  In order to change your life you need to change your ways. I did that and hopefully will never go back. It is still a process that requires prayer, as when I started this whole thing. 

Have I reached my goal? My first goal was to keep my body from getting sick which it was and I met that goal.  MY next goal was to try to maintain a workout regime and I actually do workout at least five days a week; maybe even more sometimes.  After I did that, I looked in my draw and saw that I had a shirt in it with tags that I had been keeping for about six years that I have been dying to wear but after gaining all my weight back the last time, it never fit.  I met that goal just recently. Now, I want to maintain and maybe if possible, lose about another 10-15 pounds and I will be exactly where I need to be.  I am in a good place already and very motivated so I think I can do it.  If you think you can, you do. 


  1. Great advice for a healthy life. It's not really about size it's about health.

    1. It was about health for me but what I took from it was how God blessed me with transformation. I was able to change who I am and still be the same person, only in a different body and with a healthy one that I can claim and be happy about not being sick anymore. Isn't that wonderful;!