Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Music Production, God & HTML

Who knew I would actually enjoy spending my time editing and building websites?

It was one of those days. I was in the studio with my boy Predada Severa and we were working on this Hip Hop track; this was back in the days when I thought I could rhyme pretty well and was writing rhymes and spitting them.

I guess I should have been in the production room watching the engineer putting the track together so I could do those same things in my own studio, but instead, I found this book on the bookshelf and got caught up. It was on basic HTML. Something made me pull out my pen and notebook to jot down things that I thought would help me to build my own and ever since, I have had knowledge of the basic components of HTML. I guess I have always been into this creating thing. I was already making flyers, pamphlets and had originally wanted to create an on-line magazine which was why I decided to major in English for my undergraduate degree. 

My basic knowledge of HTML and also acquiring bits of CSS, Java Script and DHTML lead me to trying to apply it which was what I did when I created my very first websites back in the day and then my most recent one which was actually a way of trying to refresh and to try to remember some of the codes I had learned when I first picked up that HTML book. What a blessing to have been able to use it for the purpose of my artistry? 

I know what some people will say. It is not a Godly thing to brag about the blessings that he gave you. Stephanie thinks she is all that because she keeps trying to prove to everybody that she is good.  Stephanie must not have anything better to do.  Why is she doing all this herself?  Blessings come to those who are humble and use their anointings to do God's work. 

I have this relationship with God and we communicate a lot daily.  I work hard to simply try to let the light that he sparked in me to shine through. For example, when I was directing the youth choir at Mt Moriah and refusing to allow myself to be defeated by my own doubts, I missed sleep for three months so that I could write and produce a Gospel album of original material featuring 13 tracks with the purpose of sharing it with the children and with a hope that they would want to sing my songs at church. It was an effort and it was alright for a beginner at production but satisfying to have reached a goal. I Believe the album was born and guess what, some of the kids actually liked it and wanted to sing some of the songs, which made me happy.

In the Bible, talents were a form of payment that was given.  Imagine getting paid by our Lord and Savior with the blessing of a talent and using it to do something positive. The Bible also said to not hide it away but to use it for his glory. So I decided not to hide it and to use it and to share it in every manner that God allows.  I think it is important as an individual to have your own identity and to not be afraid of who you are because we were all hand-crafted individually and uniquely.

And so, my website JNOTE was designed with the hope that you would visit once and revisit again and again and again and again. Hopefully you will. I'm praying on it. Here is the link: http://melodiaz.0catch.com/Jnote/Main.html
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long winded story. While you might feel the wind of it go past your face, I feel the blessings of your investment of five minutes of your day with me. I truly appreciate you!

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