Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poettues:We Have Entered Into a New Season

It is Poettues and while it is early and time is on my side, I felt like writing. So here is a poem to celebrate the passing of the old season and entering the new. Like Summer and Fall or like our old beings into our new characters. I guess in truth, the one thing that never changes is change.

Poettues: We Have Entered Into a New Season

Whenever we go to the ends of the road
Seems like we are left with a heavy load
Full of woe and weeping only for the moment
A heart full of hurt needing consolement
But then we move away from the then time
Because there still is this truth inside
That life was before and still is now
And there is still straight ahead to continue on route
And then the day turns to nigh and new is born
And you realize that you survived the storm
And that God was there to help you through
And that yesterday did not break you
And you carry on to the next
With attitude and HD effects
Never allowing time to not believe
Because those faithful moments we seem to achieve
And the music speaks to our song and dance
Not the same old but ones of circumstance
And we chance the rhythm and melody
And we harmonize to the flow and to the new beat
And life seems better a the day goes by
Because of the soulfulness it leaves on the inside
For better than the day goes by with reason
We have entered into a new season

(c) Stephanie Jeannot

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