Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Jazzy Headdress of Yesterday, Today and Marra

They say that fashion comes and makes its mark, and even after the craze dies down, comes back and makes an appearance again and the craze starts back and the story goes on.

I can agree with some of it. I mean, it was years ago when I remember high top sneakers were a big thing and the kids in the yard had to have them and all of a sudden, we see these high tops right back again.  I also remember all the polka dots, shear and leather that folks used to wear and now that is all you see at the stores. But that was only a short while ago when they appeared made a mark and started a fashion trend that died only to resurface. Sometimes keeping what we have is good because once they reappear, we can just pull them right back out of the closet and wear them all over again as if new.
One of my many headdresses

One of the styles that always intrigued me was the gear that women of jazz used to wear in their hair. The fashion of the twenties was awesome. I loved the big beautiful dresses that divas back then were wearing and all the nice headdress that they used to accessorize with. Billie Holliday with her begonias and other jazz greats with fancy hats or other head gear that used to add to their beautiful appearance and make their stage presence even more appealing to look at.
I love it and often find myself imitating their styles with different hair pieces that I come across including hats with flowers in it, flowers in my hair or fancy hair pieces that you do not see often worn. You can still find them at different shops making an appearance on a shelf near you and that is when they making their way into my basket, because they are definitely unique.
Dora Marra, Designer
The other day, a friend and I were walking up West Broadway and came across a table display of headdress accessories made by Dora Marra; all which were hand-made and very nice. It was almost as if being in a candy store to me.  Eye candy right at my fingertips.
I was totally blown away by all the different pieces that she had because they are so me. Flowers and feathers and other materials used to make the jazziest headdress pieces ever.
One of Dora Marra's Pieces
Marra has a store in Greenwich Village and also does art festivals, crafts shows and more.  I have to say that it was a little easier and okay for my own self to wear them before cutting my hair, but since transitioning from long to short hair I haven't been and wore more hats instead. Now though, I am not so self-conscious with the short hair about wearing headdresses anymore after trying on a couple of Marra's displayed items. 
Perhaps it was her warm and welcoming spirit that lead me to this point or possibly all the eye candy I saw peaking at me from the table.  Quite possibly at one of my next events, I might have one of her head pieces on and look forward to that.

If you are interested in seeing Marra’s work, visit her shop at 159 Bleecker Street in NYC, NY or email for a list of her upcoming arts and crafts shows.   

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