Saturday, October 19, 2013

Women's Weekend: On the Pink Carpet to the original Breakthrough

They called this weekend Women’s Weekend; the weekend that begins Friday, October 18th and takes you right on into Sunday, October 20th.

I guess that is appropriate considering some of the events I witnessed and/or took part of that began today and run throughout the weekend.
"Pink is the new Black" - Unknown

If you are from New York then you probably saw commercials or read an ad somewhere that let you know that this Sunday is the Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park. Actually it is breast cancer awareness month and the theme is go pink. 

Now everybody has heard about a red carpet.  You go somewhere fancy or watch a group of individuals on television being interviewed or photographed along a red carpet wearing something fancy and looking amazing. But have you heard about a pink carpet?  Well, more like a pink ribbon trail but beautiful idea and concept worth talking about.
I saw it today and it was so nice. In an effort to raise funds to add to the nearly $2,000,000 that has already been raised, a fundraiser was held and all roads leading to it was a carpet of pink ribbons; definitely a great touch and effort to make someone want to pull out a $1 or $2 to support a great cause because in actuality, we all want to kick cancer to the curb.

Celebration of Women at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church

This evening was the start of Women’s Weekend at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, and what a beautiful night. Praise dancing, choirs singing and Ladeez in the House doing a few tunes to help  make the event glorious.

But their celebration won’t stop there; they have a weekend of events planned all designed to empower her.  The Empower her weekend. I love the name they designated for their flow of events.  

And then we come to Sunday. A day to praise and celebrate God who makes all things possible. Also a day to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Central Park. 

Please be aware that there are walks for breast cancer and all types of cancer all over NYC that people do participate in. It was just two weeks ago when the Family Life Center in Queens had a walk for breast cancer and had folks walking in unity through the streets of Jamaica. This Sunday’s will not be any different. 

Millions of folks will gather at 72nd Street in Manhattan around 7AM and do five miles of walking in support of those suffering, those whose lives were taken and to help raise funds to eliminate cancer, period. Perhaps it is the biggest one in the NYC area.

Something to Consider

Here is something to consider. Five miles of walking will take under two hours of time in a busy day.  True, the day is busy, but this is two hours you dedicate not only to raise money for breast cancer, but to raise the wellness of thy own heart. Just 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day improves heart health. In five miles of walking, you get about three days worth of hearth health benefits. I'm an advocate for health and will always add something about fitness into the scheme of things. If this has motivated you anyway,  make sure you keep checking back for new blog posts.

So glad to have been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love to do most as part of the kick-off celebration for Women’s Week and it was awesome. 

Along with the band, Ladeez in the House, I got the opportunity to share my original song “Breakthrough” with everybody who was present at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church. Here is a youtube video of “Breakthrough” by Stephanie Jeannot featuring Ladeez in the House.

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