Thursday, January 30, 2014

Breakthrough (Original) Performed live at the Proper Cafe for Jazz Night

"That's my favorite melody. There's my angel phoning me, I hear music. Mighty fine music. And anytime I think my world is wrong, I get me out of bed and sing thus song." BURTON LANE 

Every Wednesday is jazz night at the Proper Cafe hosted by Wayne Holmes and Jeff Sheloff. Really great atmosphere for music lovers to get together and just jam the night away. Musicians of young and old usually gather and share in the fun. The attitude comes in when the fun gets twisted up with some other genres of music like Soul, R&B or Gospel music. Last night was no difference and the vibe felt right to add into my set an original.

Breakthrough is a song I wrote a few years back that was inspired by a sermon I was blessed to receive by a wonderful preacher. My heart was open and the music flowed nicely with Byron on drums, Wayne Holmes on keys, Jazzy Matt on background vocals (also featured in the original version of Breakthrough available on ITunes), Jerry McDonald on standup bass, Sir Charles Pulliam on congas and a nice saxophone solo by Karaoke DJ Ron Collins.

This is one of my favorite originals and so to perform it means a lot. Not only because it is Gospel which is one of my favorite genres besides the Haitian music my family has culturally shared with me and made me grow to love, but also because the song has such positive lyrics and the music is funky.

Let me warn you though. If you are interested in copping the original, it is a little different then the live version that I created in my little studio in Kensington. See; to get on common grounds and to a point where musicians and I could unite on this tune without much rehearsal, a similar bass line as is in the original was suggested just for performance purposes; and hence the live version (for performance purposes only), was created.


And here we have the video of the performance. Please take the time to watch. And if you of and you dig it, please comment and/or like. Thank you in advance. 

Have a wonderfully blessed day and keep warm. Peace and love. 

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