Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Poem: Flames of Experience

What would you do if after a night on the town
and while approaching home all you hear are sirens sounds
and when trying to turn down your street you get stopped
and come to find that there is a fire on your block?
You carry the moments of the day as a memory with care,
until your mind goes blank by the smoke ascending into the air.
And coming from where?  The house you reside;
and then think, “what if I had stayed home tonight?”
And what if I was trapped behind the door
with an issue firing at me that couldn’t be ignored
and had to find a route to escape
what could have been a deadly fate?
But instead you were out and enjoying the day
without a thought that something like this could come to play.
For, when you left you had a home standing firmly,
only to come back with your eyes on your house burning.
God forbid this would happen to you!
It was experience for the most part; my writing cue.
For it happened to me and though years, they do pass;
This is my testimony; God kept me and I’m thankful for that.
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