Thursday, February 27, 2014

Key in the February Lessons

February may be the shortest month of the year, but for me it created the

longest list of things learned ever in my life.


I have to say, 2014 has been good to me so far and I invite into my life and

look forward to the abundance of blessings God has in store for me.


So here are some of the things I learned:


1. Rest is essential for the body. You must replenish your strength to be able to function properly.

(It's exactly one year since my automobile accident; so! Felt kind of depressed knowing that lack of rest was the factor; even a year later; still tired and not taking rest as seriously as I ought to).

2. A silly argument does not require lowering myself to find something negative about the person you are arguing with to use as a weapon. The past has passed away and the present is fresh and new. Don’t let old skeletons take over your spirit. Instead, thank God for being different than you were when you were where you were. The truth of the matter is, it is not about what somebody else thinks but what you believe about yourself.   

3. There are so many unique people in this world that you can meet; but it does not take a century to become close to someone. It can be an overnight thing just from saying something like, "hey! Want to be in my video blog?" Lol!

4. There are people out there in this world who actually truly care about my

Well-being and I am not totally in the mix of things alone.

5. I do not need alcohol to have a great time.

(It's been two months since my resolution began; no alcohol. I haven't caved

yet and think I can keep this thing going.)

6. I am a good songwriter.
Flyer to my next event on
March 6, 2014 in Bklyn, NY

(To go to an open mic where musicians start playing cover songs you usually do is cool because they know you. But I also have a bazillion songs I have written with music and more still in notebooks ready to put to music. So now
I am performing more originals than I ever have my entire life. February 22, 2014 was my first mainly original music show with more to come; God willingly!
Praying to come through with my goals of releasing my debut album sometime mid-2014. Like me on facebook for upcoming events and more )


7. I chose the right major: English with concentration in professional writing.

 (Okay maybe I chose it for the wrong reason. I thought it would make me a better songwriter. Yet, Video editing and creating shows and flyers is one aspect of it. I am bettering my skill as a professional writer with each new video blog post and I love it. That is how Melodiaz Creations came about. Check out my latest attempt at video editing with my videoblog Rehearsal Notes of JNOTE: Passion Here  


8. God is even more amazing than I originally thought!


(I'm still here. Crazy thought but if God promises us three score and 10, then I am middle aged. A blessing for every second God keeps me and provides.)


9. Love is beautiful and to feel it for someone or to have passion for something is wonderful; and to share it with someone is a true blessing.


However you must first love yourself and who you are genuinely.  Believe that you were fearfully and wonderfully made and trust in the fact that God created you for a real purpose, even if you stumble along life’s journey and have faith in something bigger than yourself.


And finally . . .


10. You can rehearse, rehearse and rehearse but if you never take what you rehearsed outside to share it, it is a waste of time.


For the first time ever in my life, I took a chance. I wrote songs using my

keyboard. Not just the lyrics but the music as well. As an arranger, I could

My first time ever playing keys live
always play my song through but never could sing and play at the same time. I found out if you practice every day, you better it and it becomes a part of you. Check out some of my original material on ITUNES keyword Stephanie Jeannot. Here is the link: ITUNES: STEPHANIE JEANNOT

So for the first time ever, I tried it live. I felt so nervous, my body shook

like I had Parkinson's disease or something. But I got through it. I found out then that you never know you can do something until you try. And so now I know that I can and will try it again and other things I've been wanting to do that ought to be done because the most important thing anyone could ever truly learn in life is that, "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul" [William Ernest Hensley].

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inspired Poem

A lot of times we as writers and poets are inspired by things of the world.
Oddly enough, my latest poem was inspired by a few things. For one, my attitude at work! I know where I am and I know how I react to music but I can’t resist. I listen and then get into bopping and even sometimes singing, though I know where I am. Makes me laugh to know how much music really does make me whole because in all actuality, I carry it in my spirit and sometimes it bleeds out of me without me even realizing it.
Something else that I was inspired by was somebody else’s reaction to my reaction to the sound of music. So I’m listening and I can’t sing at the top of my lungs like I love to, so I whisper it. But never realized that people could actually hear my whispered singing until the other day when I did it in a mic at a recording and it actually played back a whistle I never knew was there in me. For them, they say it as crazy and laughed at my individuality. I guess it can be a little crazy but I will never choose to be a second rate version of someone else and can only be me; even though I am a little insane in the membrane.  Just a little!
As opposed to them seeing it as a reason to bring me to psychiatric wards, it was something that made me smile which was another inspiration for this post.  Mama Kat’s writing prompts featured one starting point for a blog about something that made me smile.  This is definitely a reason to not only smile but to laugh at myself. MY passion is funny. But I will never let it slip away. Music is me and that is all I can be.
So here is my poem entitled, “Dance The Night Away,” done as improv to a track my friend Armand Collins created.  I am not the best at spoken word, but I do love to write poetry.  Here is the link to it on youtube:

Lastly, I was inspired by a Jazz Poetry Café that I will be a part of on March 20, 2014 at Brooklyn Nights located at 497 DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn from 9PM to Midnight. Poets and singers, please come out and grace us with your talent. Can't wait!!! 
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog everybody.
God bless you!!!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Love and Lagoons

Wonderful weekend starting with Valentines and ending today with a President's Day. So blessed to have a looooong weekend like this one right here.

And so, it was a great weekend to get in some music, music and more music. Especially considering my upcoming event on February 22, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:30 PM at the Blue  lagoon located at 677 Route 109 in West Babylon, NY.

Keyboardist Fred Simmons and I will be hosting a piano bar and open mic doing a series of tunes mostly originals with some covers. Also featured that evening will be performances from my friends Jodi Allen and Jazz E Matt.

And so, what a great weekend to get prepared for next week and future events to come. But can't just prepare; still with the heart of creating and laying down new material. A plentiful weekend of music rehearsing and recording. God is good and I love to sing, write and perform; all equally and all of a sudden, here I am doing the very things I love the most; abundantly. I'm happy!!!
In keeping with the spirit of love, the latest webisode of Rehearsal a Modes of JNote is love inspired; God's love that is. God is love and if we do not believe in or receive the true unconditional love he gives, we are truly missing out.
What greater love is there than someone who loved us so much, he sacrificed his only son for us and continues to love us even as imperfect as we are?

And with that in mind,  I present to you, the Valentine's Edition; check out the latest webisode here: 

Thank you for sharing your time with me to look blog post everybody. 
That love may sprinkle over your life.
Peace and blessings!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

On the Edge Show with Kaydee Barnett

What a blessing to have been able to be a part of a live broadcast of On The Edge Show. Thankful for the host, Kaydee Barnett, and for the opportunity. A true blessing! 

Here is the archive link friends and family: check it out if you get the chance 

I pray you will take time to listen. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog everyone. Have a fascinating week. 

Please visit my YouTube channel SJ1and0

Hey everybody!!!

I have a youtubechannel. Please check it out at
Featuring original material, cover songs, performances, and vocal rehearsal modes of JNote. Please check it out here at

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody. That God's peace, joy and love bring even a single smile into your pressing towards that open door to your season and calling.

Stephanie Jeannot

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh How I Love Passionate Breezes of Music

One of the prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop was to write a blogpost inspired by the word love. My definition of love however may differ from the meaning of love that is set in dictionaries or that other people might connotate it as.

See! When I look at how love truly defines a person and gives them vibrancy, I can define love as music. I know what you are thinking. Love is music?

For me; yes!  I think about it all day. I always want it to surround my world and I tend to write about it a lot.

Many of the songs I write are about love but have a story about creating a song or the process of collaborating on a song.  That is how the song, Passionate Breeze came about. 
The lyrics speak about harmonizing on a song and adding a new Fresh 16 or verse with 16 bars in it. I have to admit, this song is a throwback. The only thing that has changed with it recently is that I opened up my Protools 11, took a completed song that was done in Cakewalk Sonar and added a bass line to it and some other ornaments to make it a little bit different than it had originally been. A raw cut and still unmixed as I am currently learning my way around Protools but,  great way to spend a New York minute when there is a Noreaster outside, I must say. 
Please check out Passionate Breeze and let me know if the concept of collaborating with someone on a song in comparison to love came through in the lyrics. Here is the link:

 I really appreciate your helping me in improving my songwriting skills. Next on the agenda is to also improve my ability to do mixing and mastering. Hopefully someday!  Thank you everybody.
God bless you!   

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Wherever You Are" Live (Stephanie Jeannot original)

February 11, 2014

If it had not been for the encouraging words of a good friend and fellow musician, I probably would have never come out my shell and start truly sharing my music.

Now, I enjoy performing songs I've written, with bands or with tracks and wherever I have the opportunity. I have to say though, there is nothing that can compare to live music. The effect that live instrumentation has is incomparable. So glad that my friend took the time to learn my song, Wherever You Are, which was why I performed it tonight at the Knappertime Band Open Mic event at the Edge Bar in Queens, NY. Great experience!

The following is a list of the musicians and singers featured on the video footage featured in this blogpost below:  Stephanie Jeannot on vocals, Richie Johnson on drums, Ron on percussive drums, Debbie Knapper on guitar, Jazzy Matt on vocals, Prrrl on keys, and Tetsuya on bass.  Please
take the time to watch. 

I am truly hoping that you enjoyed the song; and if you did, Wherever You Are is available on Itunes; keyword Stephanie Jeannot.  Please go to ITunes and download your copy.

By the way, if you are free tomorrow night,  Track 1 entertainment is hosting an event in honor and celebration of the late Whitney Houston. February 11th actually marks the anniversary of her passing. Tonight's event is a singing competition and I will be one of the contestants. The following are some flyers for the event:


I love me some Whitney, so I'm very excited. I hope you will join us at in Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Nights located at 497 DeKalb Avenue. Costs only $5 to get in but the fun you will have will be priceless.

Thank you so much for checking out my blogpost everybody.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rehearsal Modes of JNOTE Oh Shoots and Original-adders

Songwriting is one of my favorite things to do besides singing and I am definitely in my zone when I am in the midst of it. From the songwriting to the creating melodies and singing them, all get my heart pumping and give me energy.

Thankful to be working with such wonderful singers, musicians and engineers helping me to make my project exactly what it ought to be.

This webisode especially features mostly original material as opposed to the past ones which included covers. These rehearsals featured are for upcoming events that I will definitely include original material as a part of the show.  Grateful for these past few days, weeks, months and I can see a lot of positive things on the way. 

And so here is the webisode. I pray that if you do watch it, you actually dig it and hopefully will also leave feedback. Thank you in advance.

Thank you so much for taking the time to include me in your world. God bless you!

Well-Inspired Sunday Morning

Are you celebrating American Heart Month?  Friday, Febrary 7, 2014, the Friday that just passed was wear red day?  
Please check out my latest
FitBitTwist Blog Post
And so we have it,
a series of webcasts
brough to you by
BeatlifeLI Productions and
Melodiaz Creations entitled:
Rehearsal Modes of JNote
Please visit
To catch in on the fun.
Calling all
Whitney Houston
and music fans.
Come to
Brooklyn Nights
497 Dekalb Avenue,
Brooklyn NY
February 11th, 2014
From 6:30 PM to Midnight
For the
So you think
you can sing Competition
Tribute to
Whitney Houston
Stephanay JNote
will be competing.
Please come out
and root her on.
Hopefully, we will see
your faces in the crowd
on February 11, 2014.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Fluttering Throwback

The following is a throwback story inspired by Mama Kat's Writing Workshop Writer's Prompts for Thursday, February 6, 2014.

A computer has a sense of sometimes messing up things that you start; especially if it decides to shut down on you to do one of its infamous automatic updates.

And so, I was in my studio minding my business and writing a track to some lyrics I had come up with and all of a sudden, an automatic update. It frustrates me when I am given a time of how long I have that I have to keep resetting almost as if I am not the owner of the computer. How could a computer tell me how I need to move forward in using it? LOL!

When I came back and opened up Cakewalk Sonar, the music I had created sounded a little bit different.    Crazy me decided to do a restore from an earlier date forgetting that this track was just freshly created. After the restore was done, the track was no more and all that was left was an unfinished project. Sure it had lyrics and the music there, but it could have had so much more added to it to have made it even better than it is.  

One of my favorite songs I created called fluttering.  You can listen to the song on Reverbnation by clicking here:  Fluttering by Stephanie Jeannot

I was devastated by the loss of the tracks and the knowledge that I would have to start again from scratch to put this song back together. That's when I pulled out my IPHONE and started videotaping clips of singing this song and came up with a short little snip-it kind of video for it. I love trying new things when it comes to music and this was definitely worth the try as I realized from then that I can do video editing; okay a little bit.  Anyway, here is the YouTube link to the video.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog post everybody.  A true throwback Thursday type of day. God bless and hope you come back. Peace!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

For my Sweet Dedication

For my Sweet Dedication
 (Poem by Stephanie Jeannot) 

For birthdays
Those worth days
God creates
To cloud fade
And exclaim
For his grace
Give glory 
For New born days
And birthdays 
That he made
We celebrate
Change of age
Your upgrade
feet planting
Higher mountains
For blessings praise 
God's holy name 
For this wonderful day

The latest webisode of Rehearsal Modes of JNote is dedicated to my little cousin who turned a beautiful, strong and sweet young lady with 16 years. With a blend of original and cover tunes, it includes a variety of music that is currently on ITunes or will be on my forthcoming album. Please watch and also please leave feedback.

Your reading of my post is truly appreciated.
Thank you all for your beautiful support. Have a fruitful week.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blessed with Victory

God blesses with joy and with love. You ought to know the truth about his unchanging hand. That's why I will sing of the mercies of The Lord forever.

I was always in the spirit to sing at church and was in every choir I could become a member of since grade school. I grew up in a Roman Catholic Church and loved the hymns they used to sing at mass. Peaceful and calming; great to silence your mind just so you could hear God speaking to you right there in the sanctuary.  I liked the music so much, that I became a worship leader at the very church I grew up in, in the Kensington section of a Brooklyn, NY

A few years later, I was lead to a church in Harlem. Mt Moriah however was a Baptist church where I discovered the music to be a bit different; but beautiful. And I loved it. So much that I became the youth choir director there.

Long story short, with musical differences standing before me, teaching songs for Sunday morning worship was not so easy because our interests in musical style truly differed and I was often sent home in tears because of it.

That is; until I was inspired to write Gospel songs to share it with the youth at my church that they could sing. And that's when I produced an album called I Believe to share with the kids at my church really. My Song, I Know currently available on ITunes was originally created for that album. 

Often when I write, God is weaved into the lyrics somewhere. Great genre is Gospel.  And God's love has never changed even with each new day that awakens into my world. 

And then we create music that gives us motivation. Donald Lawrence once wrote a song entitled, Encourage Yourself, and never realized how much the songs that songwriters write have the ability to accomplish that; for thy own self. Like the songs songwriters collaborate on to share with the world, and like the ones that are shared that sing to our hearts and gives us joy. That's the beauty of Inspirational music and that is what my latest recording session was based on; coming together to build music about God's unconditional love. 

And so we have it here; the latest episode of Rehearsal Modes of JNote: Blessed with Victory featuring Derrick Smith, Jazzy Matt, Stephanay JNote and Jodi Allen. Music is all around it. In truth, I've come to realize that God is love and if love is as beautiful as music, then God is beautiful. Spreading God's love is our mission in the new song we collaborated on to create. What a blessing. Please watch the latest episode and if you dig what you see, s'il vouz plait, leave a message. Merci Beaucoup. 

Have an amazing week.