Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blessed with Victory

God blesses with joy and with love. You ought to know the truth about his unchanging hand. That's why I will sing of the mercies of The Lord forever.

I was always in the spirit to sing at church and was in every choir I could become a member of since grade school. I grew up in a Roman Catholic Church and loved the hymns they used to sing at mass. Peaceful and calming; great to silence your mind just so you could hear God speaking to you right there in the sanctuary.  I liked the music so much, that I became a worship leader at the very church I grew up in, in the Kensington section of a Brooklyn, NY

A few years later, I was lead to a church in Harlem. Mt Moriah however was a Baptist church where I discovered the music to be a bit different; but beautiful. And I loved it. So much that I became the youth choir director there.

Long story short, with musical differences standing before me, teaching songs for Sunday morning worship was not so easy because our interests in musical style truly differed and I was often sent home in tears because of it.

That is; until I was inspired to write Gospel songs to share it with the youth at my church that they could sing. And that's when I produced an album called I Believe to share with the kids at my church really. My Song, I Know currently available on ITunes was originally created for that album. 

Often when I write, God is weaved into the lyrics somewhere. Great genre is Gospel.  And God's love has never changed even with each new day that awakens into my world. 

And then we create music that gives us motivation. Donald Lawrence once wrote a song entitled, Encourage Yourself, and never realized how much the songs that songwriters write have the ability to accomplish that; for thy own self. Like the songs songwriters collaborate on to share with the world, and like the ones that are shared that sing to our hearts and gives us joy. That's the beauty of Inspirational music and that is what my latest recording session was based on; coming together to build music about God's unconditional love. 

And so we have it here; the latest episode of Rehearsal Modes of JNote: Blessed with Victory featuring Derrick Smith, Jazzy Matt, Stephanay JNote and Jodi Allen. Music is all around it. In truth, I've come to realize that God is love and if love is as beautiful as music, then God is beautiful. Spreading God's love is our mission in the new song we collaborated on to create. What a blessing. Please watch the latest episode and if you dig what you see, s'il vouz plait, leave a message. Merci Beaucoup. 

Have an amazing week.

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