Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh How I Love Passionate Breezes of Music

One of the prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop was to write a blogpost inspired by the word love. My definition of love however may differ from the meaning of love that is set in dictionaries or that other people might connotate it as.

See! When I look at how love truly defines a person and gives them vibrancy, I can define love as music. I know what you are thinking. Love is music?

For me; yes!  I think about it all day. I always want it to surround my world and I tend to write about it a lot.

Many of the songs I write are about love but have a story about creating a song or the process of collaborating on a song.  That is how the song, Passionate Breeze came about. 
The lyrics speak about harmonizing on a song and adding a new Fresh 16 or verse with 16 bars in it. I have to admit, this song is a throwback. The only thing that has changed with it recently is that I opened up my Protools 11, took a completed song that was done in Cakewalk Sonar and added a bass line to it and some other ornaments to make it a little bit different than it had originally been. A raw cut and still unmixed as I am currently learning my way around Protools but,  great way to spend a New York minute when there is a Noreaster outside, I must say. 
Please check out Passionate Breeze and let me know if the concept of collaborating with someone on a song in comparison to love came through in the lyrics. Here is the link:

 I really appreciate your helping me in improving my songwriting skills. Next on the agenda is to also improve my ability to do mixing and mastering. Hopefully someday!  Thank you everybody.
God bless you!   

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