Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Love and Lagoons

Wonderful weekend starting with Valentines and ending today with a President's Day. So blessed to have a looooong weekend like this one right here.

And so, it was a great weekend to get in some music, music and more music. Especially considering my upcoming event on February 22, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:30 PM at the Blue  lagoon located at 677 Route 109 in West Babylon, NY.

Keyboardist Fred Simmons and I will be hosting a piano bar and open mic doing a series of tunes mostly originals with some covers. Also featured that evening will be performances from my friends Jodi Allen and Jazz E Matt.

And so, what a great weekend to get prepared for next week and future events to come. But can't just prepare; still with the heart of creating and laying down new material. A plentiful weekend of music rehearsing and recording. God is good and I love to sing, write and perform; all equally and all of a sudden, here I am doing the very things I love the most; abundantly. I'm happy!!!
In keeping with the spirit of love, the latest webisode of Rehearsal a Modes of JNote is love inspired; God's love that is. God is love and if we do not believe in or receive the true unconditional love he gives, we are truly missing out.
What greater love is there than someone who loved us so much, he sacrificed his only son for us and continues to love us even as imperfect as we are?

And with that in mind,  I present to you, the Valentine's Edition; check out the latest webisode here: 

Thank you for sharing your time with me to look blog post everybody. 
That love may sprinkle over your life.
Peace and blessings!

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