Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Wherever You Are" Live (Stephanie Jeannot original)

February 11, 2014

If it had not been for the encouraging words of a good friend and fellow musician, I probably would have never come out my shell and start truly sharing my music.

Now, I enjoy performing songs I've written, with bands or with tracks and wherever I have the opportunity. I have to say though, there is nothing that can compare to live music. The effect that live instrumentation has is incomparable. So glad that my friend took the time to learn my song, Wherever You Are, which was why I performed it tonight at the Knappertime Band Open Mic event at the Edge Bar in Queens, NY. Great experience!

The following is a list of the musicians and singers featured on the video footage featured in this blogpost below:  Stephanie Jeannot on vocals, Richie Johnson on drums, Ron on percussive drums, Debbie Knapper on guitar, Jazzy Matt on vocals, Prrrl on keys, and Tetsuya on bass.  Please
take the time to watch. 

I am truly hoping that you enjoyed the song; and if you did, Wherever You Are is available on Itunes; keyword Stephanie Jeannot.  Please go to ITunes and download your copy.

By the way, if you are free tomorrow night,  Track 1 entertainment is hosting an event in honor and celebration of the late Whitney Houston. February 11th actually marks the anniversary of her passing. Tonight's event is a singing competition and I will be one of the contestants. The following are some flyers for the event:


I love me some Whitney, so I'm very excited. I hope you will join us at in Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Nights located at 497 DeKalb Avenue. Costs only $5 to get in but the fun you will have will be priceless.

Thank you so much for checking out my blogpost everybody.  

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