Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Music in celebration of Women's History Month

March is Women’s History month. It is a month to celebrate the freedom of being the amazing women we are and to celebrate the amazing women that came before us or still presently in our world today like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Edwige Danticat, Oprah Winfrey, Cheryl Miller and Lena Horne that built a solid legacy for the world.

I’m on this freedom of expression frenzy, with a heart to share as much of my music as possible like Sarah Vaughan, Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin or Beyoncé  did. Music is my freedom. It helps me to release, to refresh and to be exactly who God created me to be with no limitations.  I’ve been writing like crazy over the entirety of my life; short stories and poetry inspired by Nikki Giovanni and songs inspired by Karen Carpenter. I come to the point where I can no longer keep it to myself like poet Emily Dickinson because I was meant to share my gift. And so, this morning, I posted three songs I’ve written.

 1.       You Loved Me

·         This song was written by Stephanie Jeannot with music by Mike Leshore of Chocc Fact Productions. It is about love that comes even with faults and imperfections, even to an imperfect woman like me.
I am no Barbie doll. I am on team natural (what some used to refer to me as having brillo hair), with natural curves; not perfect. Yes I lost weight but not for image, for health. I was still beautiful 85 lbs ago.

I may not always feel like sitting in someone’s nail salon seat or like putting on makeup or like wearing the sexiest outfit all the time but instead sweats. And there are times when I do not feel the beauty surrounding me as it should.
Yet, I was fearfully and wonderfully made and love still lives in abundance. Beautiful love that I deserve. Like true love of old that even our own parents exemplified to us, that can last over 50 years until life is no more. Or like the love that God gives that nothing can separate us from. Everlasting love that is unconditional is amazing. And that is what this song is all about.  Here is the link:


2.       Breakthrough

·         This song was written by Stephanie Jeannot with music by Armand Collins of Zoot Productions. I think it is the first Sunday in September that is considered welcome back to church Sunday/friends and family day. 
       A really good friend of mine invited me to her church. Pastor Donnie McClurkin was preaching that day.  I went in and was so inspired by what he was saying that I pulled out my pen and started writing.
       By the time I got home, I had a melody in my mind and had no choice but to set it to music that night. And that is when Breakthrough was created.  It is about the amazing grace of God that keeps you. 
      While it is a Christian based song purposed to inspire, it is also one that can get you up out of your seat dancing.  At least that is what I saw recently when I sang it with the awesome band, Ladeez in the House, an all female band which featured Jodi Allen on vocals,  Debbie Knapper on guitar, Deb Robinson on bass, Peechez on drums and Stephanay JNote on vocals.  
      Check out the link here to when we shared it at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY on YouTube here: and if you enjoyed what you heard, you can download the song just recently posted on Itunes:


3.       Ingredients

·        This song was written by Stephanie Jeannot with music by Derrick Smith for BeatlifeLI Productions. I consider this my Haitian song. The reason why is because I use a French phrase in my hook, “Vini’m palle ou.” (I hope I’m spelling it right).
       I am a Haitian Woman like Garcelle Beuvais or Emelin Michel. No, I was not born in the beautiful island of Haiti, but I am of Haitian culture. The official language of Haiti is French. Most however, speak Haitian Creole, which is broken French. Ironically, even after three years of French classes, I am still not a pro at it.  Yet, it is such a beautiful part of my culture that I wanted to add a bit of my ingredients to my music. 
       “Vini’m Palle ou” (Pardon my French. LOL!)  means come here.  You have to hear the song to understand what I am speaking about. Check out my song just posted on Reverbnation here:  
Thank you all for stopping by my blog. If you visited the links and checked out my music, let me know what you think please. Leave a comment here. Happy Women's History month to you! God bless!!!

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