Monday, March 31, 2014

Unsettled Rhythm (A Poem)

This past winter 2014 and the coming of spring has left my body somewhat unsettled. It is like 60 degrees in the morning and the idea forms that I can shield of all these layers the cold weather forces one to wear; and then all of a sudden, you are without the layers and the evening of the very same day has below freezing temperatures.  How does one dress and how does one proceed when the weather is like this in order to not get sick? Can I remove my mask and feel comfortable? 

So then the body gets these ailments and now you are okay one minute and the next minute sneezing, coughing and so tired, you spend days in bed as if you had not slept in weeks.  The beginning months of 2014 have definitely been unsettling. The following is a poem written, based on this idea and how the changing of seasons has gotten the best of me.
I slept more in the past week than I slept in the past three months. That is definitely not me at all.  Doctor Soandso prescribed medicine which I hate taking and finally, I have come into healing. I am not as tired as I was when I was sick and I am no longer sniffling or coughing like I had been. Also, my head is not pounding as much. Thank God!
While boredom took flight when my body was so tired from being sick, all I felt the energy to do was to be in my bed; Definitely left me with more time to write. I guess you can call this a transformation of a season, person or situation. Or; a release of the coldness of winter out of my body or heart to renew my mind and spirit for spring. Or; the ending of March and the coming of April. Or; the start of the writing to come in National poetry month. It’s here, and this is where I start to say farewell to the old and welcome in the new:

Unsettled Rhythm

It’s in the touch of your magic
that sends me over.
Never thought I’d be
thinkin’ bout tomorrow
just looking in somebody’s eyes.
Who am I
to want something so amazing?
Hope it was more than just chasing;
then I would be
more than satisfied.
Yet, nothing is settling.
The rhythm keeps echoing
and thoughts of you just
circling ‘round my mind
‘cause for a long time
all I’ve seen is you
by my side
and wish that I
could make it my
permanent vibe
Walking dreams awake;
by that I mean,
Love with you settling in my day.

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