Saturday, March 8, 2014

With Rhythm in My Dancing Shoes

Good Afternoon My beautiful, family, friends and children of our great God. How are you doing this evening? I pray the week was as awesome as the miracles God allowances you with; flourishing talents that make you want to dance and sing with passion across the expanse of our God's blessings and creations. 

"Dance" Original song by Stephanie Jeannot and Fred Simmons. We performed it live Thursday night. If you weren't there, you missed a dope show.


Please check out the video here of one of the songs we performed, "Dance" 

 For those who were, thank you for patronizing my crazy love for singing. It still amazes me how God can really open up your eyes and bring you to your destiny. Almost springs forward your memory of learning you " [dance] and sing and do the Charleston fling" while tapping like the Mini Rockettes.  


Thank you for checking out my blogpost and God bless you! 

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