Friday, April 4, 2014

3:4 Music Roll (Poetry)

I missed a day of poetry within this national poetry month which inspired the title of this poem: 3:4 Music Roll. Please read and enjoy.

3:4 Music Roll
By Stephanie Jeannot

I can't stand the rainof 
Or Monday mornings
Or snow cleaning
Or having doubts 
Or being sick
Or being stuck
Without a paycheck
Or experiencing blues
Or all the bad news
On the news
That give me blues
And attitudes
On Monds and Tues
Those working days
Of routined grooves 
That seem to loop
Around the course
our money source 
And ways of life
Or ways to climb
The mountain side
But what I do love
I think I need more of
Days of sun
And music love
For perfect is
The day that brings
A melody
The chemistry
The energy
That I receive
Just seems so me
Like a pure need
To wash away
The blues of day
Music makes
Everything okay

Have an awesome Friday. That you might experience joy in your day. Please check out my original tune Fluttering here: 

That the content of it, may wash over your day and bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

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