Thursday, April 10, 2014

Passion Run Wild (a poem)

Whoever said it was easy to have a song
bursting out your seams
when you're not on the scene 
of that foreseen dream
but on another theme
at your desk doing the 9 to 5 scheme
when you feel it soul deep
that one thing that makes you complete, 
knows what it's like 
to be living with a passion. 

Who cares to see tears flow?
Passersby don't care to know.
Might consider you crazy though!
Not knowing what you crying for. 
Yet that one thing in your core;
that very thing your heart yearns for
turns your 9 to 5 into undesired labor
and pierces at your chambers 
yet you must endure;
while fighting back tears and 
dreaming about your passion. 

The alarm sounds and starts you on your daily grind
but all you want to do is live your dream and fly; 
acting it out in your mind
with HD colors like a movie screen; paradise. 
Still you force yourself to do what's required
to survive in this world even if life don't come with a smile; 
and just to make it through without breaking, you pray all the while
because your dreams seem to continuously awaken your innerchild. 
And that song in your heart, untriedly breaks through running wild
your individuality that builds your profile
while that song and dance never stops creeping in your mind 
until you give in to live that passion REM trialed. 

(I am a singer and songwriter with a passion for music and a lot of times write love songs about music; my first love. Like the song "Passionate Breeze." I posted the song on my Reverbnation page. Please check it out here: )

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