Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twirls of Swirls and Trumpet Curls (A Poem)

Twirls of Swirls and Trumpet Curls (A Poem)
(C) By Stephanie Jeannot

The mic was peaking like the Kilimanjaro;
killing ears and causing peers to steer
and flooding river beds til fixed. Started trends
of dance phases and booty shakes until the end 
of the song escaping from the falsetto send.

The harmony started calming me
but was stopped when the alarm in me
was set off by rain pouring over me
from a twirling being doing circus tricks;
trumpet twirls that landed spit
all over my face. That's what I call a true taste
ofcalls and escapes, when I got a case 
of slob on my face, that from my mind will never be erased

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