Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On the Poetry of Sean Battle

Poetry to me is like animating words and making them dance. The words can shimmy, drop it like its hot, and get fancy like ballet and leave you feeling intrigued. So when you add the poet sharing that unraveling of thought before a crowd, the experience is simply amazing. 

That was the thought I had when Sean Battle stepped on to the scene at the Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights. He walked into the venue ready to have a good time but little did I know the good time he was about to bring into the Brooklyn scape from New Jersey. 

His image was like a school professor before a class ready to teach. His introduction drew you in immediately. His words were clear and concise and his energy was so catchy that he had the whole room electrified. 

He is inspiring to other poets in a sense because he lets them know that you do not have to say
Much to get your poetry across. He proved this even more when he was a featured poet at the Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights in May 2014. 

He used the right words and phrasings, which was what made his poetry stand out. Battle made the difference with his individuality and his awesome energy. And his poetry was tight. He is definitely a poet I'd support when showcasing anywhere. 

You can check him out live at the Dodge Poetry Festival's Lunchtime Poems Seriesst a Military Park, NJ. For more information on this incredible talent, visit his website at http://seeseanbattle.com 

Please check out the following youtube clip from the Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights: http://youtu.be/WMNlWk1fqTU