Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11, A Day I'll Never Forget (A. Poem)

9-11, A Day I'll Never Forget

We walked it like soldiers in fight
No calmness though as dark as night
We marched in terror with our strength
Hoping to make it all the way

We saw it from the window view
Toppling of buildings to their doom
And those within stayed within
And those without scattered about

The city that never sleeps that day in slumber
Lives lost pierced as loud as rolling thunder 
No emergency broadcast tests this time
For it was as real as Pearl Harbor;  "Run for your lives."

And news reports embedded images in our mind
Some that will last forever in time
World trade gone into shreds and debris
I saw burnt paper in Brooklyn from the twins drift over me

And we cried and we prayed and our faith left in doubt
When them planes took the beauty of our skyline down 
And all the streets empty and fear filled the land
For a day that no one had foreseen coming

But thank God we had heroes willing to risk life to save
Lord bless the souls of the lives lifeless in that grave
For in that space the towers stood before it stood no more
911 is a day that we just cannot ignore

(Poem written by Stephanie Jeannot) 

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