Friday, September 19, 2014

"The Intern" during Rush Hour in NYC

Friday night at the end of the work day in the Wall Street area, is when you see working men and women, running like speed racers to catch their buses and trains for home, friends rushing to get to happy hour at some local bar and tourists rushing to get to some pretty, cool NYC attractions in the area. 

The rush sort of reminds me of the movie "Rush Hour." It's action packed, somewhat funny when you think about it but minus the excitement because the getting home process can be somewhat difficult at times; especially when the traffic to get to the tunnel can often be backed up or when the train is standing room only yet, buskers still find room to dance and do cartwheels among the car passengers. Yet, we make it home in one piece, ready for the blessings of the weekend.

Today was no different. Rush hour came and I was like an Olympian running from my desk out the building, just to get to my next destination. Working men and women were in floods with the same mindset trying to get down Water Street. But something different happened today. Excitement! 

The film and camera crew of the upcoming movie, "The Intern," were stopping pedestrians from rushing like normal, so they could film a few of the scenes. 

Made sense. I mean, for Anne Hathaway and Robert DiNero to be portraying roles as part of a true working class in New York City, rush hour must be involved. Only, without the true working class, but instead with their own budgeted in $300,000,000 background extras. 

Not that I'm upset or anything, I mean, my bus stop was right across the street from where the scene was being shot. How do you get folks to stop rushing during rush hour so that a movie scene can be shot? Easy; you ask. 

Some kindly stop. I'd call those, the people who live in the neighborhood; but some rush to not miss their mode of transportation. These are the folks with kids or a life after work. They say that we New Yorkers are always in a rush. I guess you can call us mean. Yet, these are the mean streets of New York! 

Happy however to see something great happening in the area. Check out the movie, "The Intern" in theatres September of 2015. 

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