Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Joints Still Be Jumping

"Music brings life to the world" - Donald Sangster

"The joints are jumping" never seemed more like a relevant term than it did tonight when I saw it for myself before my eyes. 

Music blaring in the air. Sax blows. Bass thumps. Drum rolls. Key strokes. Waltzing. 

The scene inside of Jazz 966 located at 966 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY looked like one that would be in an old 1940s jazz movie; only it's today's time. Though the times have changed tremendously, one thing stands clear; jazz music is housed in the hearts of many. 

Every Friday night at 8pm, Brother Harold Valle of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium hosts 966 Jazz shows; a different act each week with something new to love about it each time. 

The program was founded and put together by Sam Pinn; primarily for the senior population. Makes sense why the room literally jumps;  most of the jazz enthusiasts (mostly comprised of a mature, adult crowd) dance the night away to the different jazz styles that the musicians play. But whether you are young or old, you will enjoy the ambience of the room. Very cool atmosphere! Music rings and pure enjoyment is the only response. 

And if you don't believe me, take it from
Barbara who said she danced so
Much that her hips would be hurting in the morning, but that the experience was worth it. Cool thing to know that someone can go to a joint right here in NYC and for a low cost, walk into a room filled with quality music, eat good food, and crowd the dance floor and do the lindyhop and/or other jazz dances through the night. 

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