Sunday, September 21, 2014

What About Them Strings?

I always thought of the bass as my favorite instrument because of the energy of the musician playing it and the funk of it. 

The bass always seems like the first thing I hear in any song. The deep bottom that just holds the groove together, in my opinion, makes a song just what it is. 

I was walking through the Flatbush Frolic today that ran across Cortelyou Rd in Brooklyn, NY from Coney Island Avenue to a Ocean Avenue, and saw a table with some very unique guitars. Of the many they had, a custom made bass guitar, once played by John Popper of the Blues Travelers Band. 

It was light in weight. Plucked a pretty nice sound. I could hear the bass thumps reverberating out of the amp as I took a slap at it. Nice!  

What makes this funk machine unique is the many carvings of endangered species that run around it; These are the things that make it one of those instruments you know "be killing the wild sounds."

The instrument show was all part of Bar Chord's display. Bar Chord is a bar and lounge located at 1008 Cortelyou Road between Coney Island Avenue and Stratford Road in Brooklyn, NY. The owner, Johnny, told me that there's live entertainment there every night. And on any night that you make your way there, there are unique guitars for sale above the stage and in the window. 

I think I want to go there just to check out some of the other cool guitars they might have; that is, after I join into the jazz jam session they have on certain nights of the week. 

I'm loving how Kensington just keeps on getting better and better. Now, How do you like them strings? 

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